The Honeymoon Part IV

He awoke from what He thought was a very pleasant dream only to find that she had actually climbed between His legs when she woke up and started sucking her bottle. He pondered making her stop when she realized He was awake and briefly let go of Him.

“good morning Daddy. How are You doing,” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Not as good as I was a minute ago. Don’t let Me interrupt you. I’ll just lay here and let you take advantage of Me,” He said as He stretched out and inched His dick closer to her mouth. she giggled and resumed her sucking. her tongue, as usual, was hyperactive. it covered as much of Him as it could on each stroke. He felt her head get very still and was about to look down at her when He felt her tongue lapping at the base of His dick. He shuddered a bit and closed His eyes. He felt her lips form into a tight smile and she let her tongue loose on Him again. she was gentle and licked Him softly and then she was intense and focused and creating a lovely suction around His dick. her lips were so smooth and soft and she was taking the length of Him easily. He was beginning to get close to the point of no return and they both knew it. He knew what she wanted but He wanted something Himself so He stopped her. He pulled her up to Him and kissed her, “thanks honey, can’t think of a better way to wake up, well than this way.” He told her to lay face down and climbed on top of her. He slipped inside of her after a little squirming on her behalf. He liked it when she wiggled her ass that way but for a moment they just lay there and sighed before He began a long slow stroke into her wetness. He pumped her as slowly as either could bear for a little while. By then her clenching got more insistent and His urge to cum inside her was central on His mind. The strokes got shorter and more demanding, her ass shoved back at Him coaxing Him deeper inside of her. low grunts were escaping from her mouth and He just kept telling her that she was by far His favorite place to wake up. she moaned out that she wanted Him to hurt her and He obliged. He slammed into her with such force the headboard was banging into the wall. she wailed out a bit and her whimpering sent Him over the edge. He unleashed His nut and mixed her wetness with His own. He stayed buried inside her until He felt the need to bite into her neck. He lowered Himself gently on top of her and started sucking softly before He bit into her flesh. she sighed, shuddered a bit herself and came hard around Him. “That’s a good girl. you knew that’s what Daddy wanted.” He held her close to Him and they drifted off a bit before the warmth of the room became a bit oppressive. They got up and got in the shower. it was fun and soapy but they skipped fooling around then. They got out of the water, toweled off and sat in the kitchen snacking on a light breakfast.

“now what,” she asked as she pulled a leg into her chair making her look all of seven years old.

“How about we go play in the ocean,” He replied.

“Daddy, You know i don’t swim,” she said looking at Him with her eyebrow raised.

“I know that honey that’s why we are going to play. I won’t let you get too far out or drown,” He stated as He pulled her out of the chair and into His lap before kissing her. she nodded okay at Him and then went back to put on a swim suit and some shorts. He pulled on a long pair of trunks then grabbed two towels for her to put in a bag. They slipped on some sandals and headed out. They joined the rest of the beachgoers and splashed around in the water. The hours ticked by quickly and her mind started racing toward what the game for the night would be. In all honesty, He had nothing planned but when she ran into His arms and asked He decided to make this one quick even if it wouldn’t be easy. “you have two options. you can run back to the house and strip, get into position on the bed and take fifteen good lashes from the whip or you can sink into the water now and suck until you make Daddy cum.” either way it wasn’t going to be an easy task. she hated the whip almost as much as she hated the thought of being submerged under water. He could see her brain turning it over. Fifteen directed shots or perform oral sex somewhat publicly?

“what happens if i come up for air before You cum?”

“Nothing will happen unless you give up entirely.”

“ok what happens if i can’t take the fifteen?”

“Then we come back out here and Daddy gets head on the beach.”

she grabbed His dick through His shorts in an attempt to get a better gauge on what she was looking at. she pulled Him a bit further out in the water so no one would immediately notice her head bobbing under the water. she yanked His shorts down and disappeared under the nice warm water. His face briefly contorted because of the mix of sensations. His dick was floating in the water a bit and she was sinking further down on it with a powerful lock on Him. she pumped for all she was worth and suddenly felt her breasts being freed and the top of her suit being removed. that made her bob to the surface for a moment. she looked up at Him who gave her a very innocent look. she shook a bit of water off of her, took a deep breath and disappeared again. His fingers toyed with her nipples and she engulfed more of Him. He was enjoying it but figured there was another way for them to both to win and her not drown. He pulled her up, told her to move her suit to the side and give Him a hug. she did as she was told and then He grabbed her thighs. she took the signal and wrapped her legs around His waist. He kissed her and then let her sink down onto His dick. They developed an interesting rhythm against the tide and in an effort to remain undetected. her pussy was gripping Him as tightly as her arms were around His neck. she was panting and moaning in His ear, periodically becoming just a bit incoherent and then telling Him how much she loved Him. A powerful orgasm overtook her and she let go of Him. He tried to catch her but she fell back into the water creating another lovely angle for Him to delve into her pussy. When He was sure she was floating He grabbed her hips and pumped into her. It didn’t take long before He began pumping double time inside her and came inside her for the second time that day. she pushed away from Him a bit to adjust her suit and then noticed the small crowd that had been watching them. she blushed a bit and then asked if she had won. He looked back at the crowd, at the men who were giving Him the “lucky bastard” look and said yes. He collected her and they went back to the bungalow. They ate lavishly. The resort had wonderful room service. After they finished dessert, she wanted to take a shower but He suggested something else instead. He helped her wash her hair before they settled into a nice hot bubble bath.

“Daddy, i have a confession to make.”

“What’s that baby?”

“i was hoping for something harder today. Don’t get me wrong i’m glad i won, that means no spanking, but it didn’t seem that hard to fuck You in the ocean.”

He thought about it for a moment. “Okay baby, it’s time to get out of the tub.” He let her dry off and lotion up her skin. she was sitting in her towel on the edge of the bed and singing to herself softly. He picked up her hands and kissed them softly before He slid them into a pair of leather cuffs and made them very tight on each wrist. He unhooked the metal clip that kept them together and had her lay face down on the bed. He knelt over her and slid a spreader bar behind the slats of the headboard. Each wrist was fastened to an end of the bar and then He stood up again. He grabbed the whip and a paddle full of holes and put them just inside her line of vision. He picked up one of the candles from the display the resort set up and lit it and then He walked out of the room. He went into the kitchen and made Himself a drink. He sat and played with the satellite tv and listened for her whimpers to start. When they finally did He only replied, “But you told Daddy you wanted something harder. Be quiet or I’m going to hurt you. Hell I’m going to hurt you anyway but be quiet now.” she was silent then and He relaxed a bit more. He’d been gone nearly an hour before He went back into the room. The candle had accumulated a fair amount of wax by then. He picked it up, walked over to the bed an without saying a word poured it all over her back. she cried out from the unexpected stinging. “Daddy had just planned on fucking you again this evening but you wanted things hard.”

“Daddy i didn’t mean that….”

He cut her off then. “It doesn’t matter what you meant, only what I heard. So now we are going to have it hard.” she didn’t say another word until she was asked a question. Five lashes from the whip were intermixed with ten very forceful swats from the holed paddle until her fifteen was reached. Each contact with her skin was spaced out to give her enough time to anticipate the next blow. Each strike was harder than the last, cutting into the wax whenever her back was the focus of attention. The pain was starting to cause her to float off and the wetness dripping from her belied her momentary hatred of Him. He was hard enough to bore into her thigh and come out the other side at that point. He couldn’t have asked for someone to relish pain more than she did but she had also pissed Him off and that had stiffened Him a bit as well. The smattering of wax on her flesh and the tears streaming down her face made it necessary that she be fucked until He knew she was sorry, soft and pliable to Him again and until she knew she was loved and cherished. He moved the toys to the bag and and climbed onto the bed. He pulled her hips up so that her ass was in the air and sank inside of her in one fell stroke. her hair was curly and wild since she hadn’t been able to dry it before this started. her wimpering was seductive and her pussy was sopping. “Do you want Daddy hard now?”

“yes Daddy, please,” was all she could get out but it didn’t matter if she had said anything else. He lost Himself inside her walls. He pounded into her repeatedly and only laughed a bit when He heard the bar cracking into the head board. she moaned and grunted and cried out that she loved Him. He told her that she was going to stop being a bad little girl and be His good little slut from now on. she quickly agreed and came shortly after slut parted His lips. she’d be forced to cum four more times before He even entertained cumming. she had collapsed under Him twice and was crying again. He heard everything she said but was too focused on making her understand what she had done. when her voice meekly said, “Daddy i’m sorry,” He finally felt the compulsion to cum. He grabbed her hair in one fist, pushed into her lower back with the other and stroked into her until she was screaming like a banshee. He came so hard and so much that He was dripping out of her and He was growling. when her hips fell, He let her rest on the bed. He didn’t pull outo of her at all. He reached above her and unhooked her cuffs. when she was able to do so she took them off and let them hit the floor. she felt His body lower onto hers and His arms pulling her to Him.

“Don’t make Daddy do that again.”

“i won’t i promise Daddy, i love You.”

“I love you too baby. Go to sleep now. We’ll clean up the mess in the morning.”

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