syrupy sweet that’s what i am

okay so here i am again, descending into sappyville right now. the last few days have been an interesting mix of things. i’m covering all the crisis calls for the center right now and it’s been an abnormally busy weekend. four calls in two days is way more than normal so what little sleep i’ve been getting has been interrupted by the phone ringing at any hour oh and the woman delivering the paper knocking at the door at 4 am this morning. can we say my mother, who is the one that wanted the paper in the first place, was sound asleep and didn’t even move when i walked in the room? anyhoo, sleep cycle is jacked and it probably didn’t help that i was watching spend my life via the big clip in the post below this one until i fell asleep. i love that song A LOT. as long as Roaming Soldier doesn’t object then it will be played at some point on the day we get married. wow did i say that out loud? yeah i guess i did. He hasn’t proposed and neither have i lol but i guess we have talked about it so much it hasn’t occurred to me that we wouldn’t be getting married. it’s just a matter of when. anyhoo, back to the wedding day stuff. the other song that i have always wanted to play during my wedding to whomever was a song by brian mcknight. it’s from his debut album many moons back–never felt this way. i said when i heard it that i would play it if i ever got married because it would take a man that could engender that type of emotion in me to get me down the aisle. well lo and behold i think i’ve found him. please give it a listen and tell me what you think.

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