so far, so pleased–the red velvet soundtrack

yes i know, very bizarre title. well you should know by now that i’m me and well i’m a bit strange. i am about to discuss me not as Roaming Soldier’s adoring little girl or my mother’s personal driver. just me and the oddity that is my life. so far, so pleased is a prince song. it’s not one of my favorites but it’s a good title for where i am in my life. once upon a time i used starfish and coffee to use to write a poem and elephants and flowers to write a paper on being an intelligent, sexually explorative young woman in a world that didn’t allow us those freedoms all that often. my prof loved, called it very insightful for someone barely old enough to drink legally. i wonder what he’s doing now? anyway, some of my earlier poetry is surely based on the early more funky prince especially when i was happily using “princespeak” (inserting 2’s for to and 4’s well for for ROFLMAO and eye instead of i). it’s hard to keep the rhythm the way i want it doing that though and thankfully for all that i know i left it alone. i still write poetry from time to time but most of the time now i put my energy into writing smut for you all and Roaming Soldier.

ok where was i? Purple Rain came out when i was eight years old. i turned nine before the year was out but the damage was already done lol. there was no way for my brain to process what i had seen beyond the music though. it made me want to dance around and cry and i felt bad for him when Morris Day was sooooooooo rude after his dad tried to commit suicide. the scenes with him and apollonia did register but what that was supposed to mean longterm i surely couldn’t say then. i blossomed early and my little hormones were raging well before the boobies sprouted (and literally it’s like they came over the summer, i went from tomboy to 34b) and my fingers did the walking. however, along with the breasts i got a lot of attention from boys who thought i was older and one of them helped moved me from wondering about prince and apollonia to being involved in the unrated version of that scene. well not entirely as we were still both in elementary school (yeah i said it, i started WAY too young) but i went from wondering to knowing what sex was relatively quickly after i started getting urges to do anything.

save one other interaction that summer i didn’t have sex again for a few years. my breasts got bigger, my waist stayed small and my butt got tighter thanks to all that volleyball and track. in other words there were plenty of men around but i really had no interest in them. i did get more into music though. rock & roll, rap, r&b, pop and even a little country all made my personal ever running mental soundtrack that much richer and interesting. break up with a boy and here comes a little maxwell made me cry till i felt better. hate someone and just wanna be angry and slap on a little billy idol (i mean it’s a nice day for a white wedding and who wouldn’t want to rock the cradle of love) or ice t (cause some of you niggas is bitches too). but i’m not always feeling angry or depressed. most of the time i’m an even mellow kid. because of that i often enjoy the more sensual sides of prince, things with lush music or pumping drums (he has had the BEST drummers–michael b and john blackwell) and suggestive lyrics. things i can hear in my head no matter where i am and what i am supposed to be doing. stuff like hide the bone, underneath the cream, the aforementioned mellow, the instrumental version of God, beautiful strange, empty room, madrid 2 chicago, when eye lay my hands on u, anna stesia, the scandalous sex suite (OH MY LORD if you do not have this find it and get it, 20 minutes of lusty presciousness ready to explode all over whomever you are with), when 2 r in love, joy in repetition, question of u or breathe. songs like those ended up on my prince hula hoop cds (see Queens of Comedy for a more accurate explanation of that). i mean some uptempo stuff ended up on there too but that could take up half a dozen pages so i’ll say some of my faves are supercute, thieves in the temple, let’s go crazy, little red corvette, mr. happy, baby knows, she’s always in my hair, anotherloverholenyohead, baby i’m a star, and gett off.

before any show he has i’m amazed that i can listen to a week’s worth of music, hit any mood i’m having, trigger a half a dozen random memories (most recently of hitting concerts with my sorority sisters shortly after we were intiated) and memories that i would like to create with friends and family and now Roaming Soldier. i’m headed toward my 31st birthday and have to be simultaneously shocked that he’s still putting out stuff i like (musicology and 3121 are funky) and that resonates with me for some reason. when i heard the marrying kind the first time it made me think of all the men that said i was great but i was the kind of girl you marry and they weren’t ready to settle down. when i heard if eye i was the man in ur life it made me realize more that while i had been dating some men close to what i was looking for i hadn’t met HIM yet. fury put the emotions from my most recent split into a concrete idea. beautiful, loved and blessed is what i’m feeling right now about life and love and the possibilities. incense & candles and satisfied just make me wanna do naughty things but hey that’s part of who i am as well. and it’s grown on me but i’ve started to like te amo corazon too.

what does this have to do with anything? well i’m a weird little eclectic woman who has been living her life with a weird little eclectic man providing her own personal soundtrack without his knowledge. he’s been around for all the major and not so major events in my life to date. he’s gotten me open to new people, music, places and experiences. i can say in some small part he’s why i’m here in the place i am today. life as a prince fan has been an interesting adventure. i figure if a 5’1′ fair skinned black man can rock heels, tailored suits and hair tighter than most women i know and face the risk and scrutiny of a global public i can extend myself and try new things and deal with new situations as they come. he’s my only musical hero really and personally i think he’s one of the most interesting humans still breathing and constantly putting out god music. so his pesonal life is periodically in disarray. that’s true for all of us. we all keep getting up and moving on. i’m sure he will as well and he’ll find the woman meant to be by his side just like i’ve found the man who’s meant to be next to mine. okay i’m done rambling. enjoy the links, if you don’t know enough about prince go check him out. and if he’s playing anywhere near you GO!!!

love ya

ps Roaming Soldier i know You’ll see this eventually so umm if he’s playing anywhere near us we should um probably go, i’m VERY interesting after 3 hours of bopping around to prince.

pss just to show how retarded i am about my prince collection stuff, i actually OWN Purple Rain AND under the cherry moon on dvd and LOVE them both

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