love and happiness

yes totally new song by totally new artist, even though i think prince has done that in concert at least once while i’ve been there, at least the hook but he tends to blend songs together and make you mad you don’t have them on cd OR he’ll rework a song (ie i could never take the place of your man which on the cd is sorta pop-ish) in such a way that you SERIOUSLY want to hurt his little behind because it’s not available the way you are currently hearing it. in case you were wondering when i was at the last celebration he had at paisley park he slowed down i could never take the place of your man into a bluesy version that made me wiggle my butt around like you do at a blues club when the funk catches you nice and good. but all of this has nothing to do with what i started writing about.

love and happiness. make you do right, love’ll make you do wrong. yep it will on both accounts. being in love with someone will make you go to great lengths to do right by that person. and by the same token, being in love with someone while you are with someone else will definitely make you do the wrong thing to serve that love. i have always had a bad habit of convincing myself that anyone i’ve dated is worthy of my attention even if they aren’t worth my affection. unfortunately i’m wrong a lot and as a result have a lot of silly men that won’t go away in my life. however, as i have evolved over the last year it’s become more apparent that i have to do what i tell my clients to do and eliminate dead weight from your life. i’ve been doing that more as things have gotten more serious with Roaming Soldier. love is making me do RIGHT for a change. i love Roaming Soldier. He has evolved my whole world view in terms of how i perceive who i am and what i want. and for ONCE i can listen to those folks who say the RIGHT love for you is easy to recognize. it’s not easy to keep, all good relationships require a great deal of work, but it’s easy to go this finally feels right. that’s where i am tonight and tomorrow night and three weeks ago and three weeks from now. the deepest part of who i am has found a home in Him. He’ll probably say i’m gushing and let’s face it i am but it’s nice to be understood, appreciated, adored and accepted without hesitation for a change. in turn He gets, finally deservedly so, my attention and affection and love as long as He wants it. yep good old love and happiness, make you do right….

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