modern random mini rantings

okay so none of this is remotely connected or pressing but it’s something i been thinking about for the last few drives in to work in the morning. bear with me as i share my trivialities with you.

ummm what happpened to the days when ONE radio station was likely to play at least 80 percent of the songs you liked and didn’t sound JUST LIKE the other radio stations in town? i mean when i was young i could listen to one station all day and they would play a mix of r&b, a little rap, rock, oldies and everyone could listen to it and hear something they liked over a few hour span. now i have THREE stations i have to flip through during a twenty minute commute and without fail at least two of the stations are playing the same songs at some point in time. not songs by the same artist, nope the same damn song. i know music ain’t what it used to be but this is horrible. i don’t want JUST an r&b channel or JUST a rock station or oldies or classic rock. i want a good channel that can play a good mix of things all day long. damn is that so much to ask without having to buy sirius or xm to entertain myself? okay enough of that.

why can’t people drive? i don’t mean over long distances or in heavy traffic. people tend to act right during those situations. i mean during the normal traffic flow the people that tend to flit from lane to lane, fail to signal, slam on their brakes when cops show up EVEN WHEN we are just doing the speed limit or other such annoying things. today someone trying to edge in front of me from a parking lot onto the main road did so aggressively and almost to the point where they hit my car. did i let them in front of me? of course not that shit is hella annoying and i don’t respond well when i’m forced to do things. well things that i don’t want to be forced into doing lol. the last i saw at least ten other cars had whipped past him and he was stuck in the lot. now normally i am not that rude when driving. i let people in front because the last i checked my house wasn’t on wheels so i can get home whenever but as i said that annoyed me and the folks behind me who also refused to let him in. i wouldn’t have hit him had he forced the issue but had he hit my car i’d still be talking to the police for pummeling his young behind.

the hell is wrong with my job? okay not my job so much but the school i work for. they are in this massive push to build more housing and accomodate more students BUT at the same time they are screwing the faculty out of places to park in order to come into work. they are straining the resources we have available and are simultaneously making it more difficult to get in to serve the demand we have on our staff as it is. can we say don’t make me put my foot up in your ass? that shit is annoying and as the little brats don’t drive anywhere until we are DONE with work then they should be able to park outside of the primary campus area until we are done for the day. we shouldn’t be basically parking at our homes or local businesses to do our jobs. that is crazy. speaking of crazy, i had the craziest session today. my client apparently spent the weekend experimenting with a little bdsm kinky sex as the dominant partner. i had to stop myself from saying more than a therapist should and we just explored her feelings about the experience and her partner and all of those good things. it was interesting and i’ll be doubly interested to see what she comes back with after doing some reading and some exploration of her thoughts on the subject and him when she comes back next week. moving on.

you all may or may not know this. i have been watching wrestling (yep the WWE) for a while now. it started with this guy i dated back in 99 but has just become my funny guilty pleasure full of sweaty half naked men i like to lust after. there are a few i look at the show for primarily in addition to the overabundance of breasts that are featured all nice and plump and lovely lol. oh yeah back to why i’m watching now because The Rock has essentially retired even though good lawd he is loverly. anyhoo, the list is like this right now:

  • Permatan aka John Cena—affectionately called Permatan because if he could get a nice deep brown tan the man could get it twice a day and three times on sunday. well of course if i wouldn’t get the worst spanking ever and he might come up missing if RS ever ran into him. not trying to get nobody killed soooo lust on Monday nights for about 20 minutes works for me.
  • Bobby Lashley aka Sexual Chocolate—overly cut, looks luscious sweating, incredibly strong, yeah him could get it if RS didn’t exist but He does sooo i will just keep drooling when i see Bobby just like i do with Permatan just on a different night.
  • Sexy aka Batista–after a long hiatus brought on by an injury The Animal is back on Smackdown and distracting me whenever he puts on a suit. Him sho is purty. yeah another lusty boy for about 20 minutes on Friday nights.

the rest of the week it’s all about Roaming Soldier and the knife i feel running down my spine and the nice sadistic smile i feel Him generating as He watches His little girl react to His touch. ummm cookie peddling anyone?

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