getting a feel for the place

okay we’ll see how this first post on the rope’s new home goes. i have to thank mija again for saving my technology challenged behind in this respect. it was not processing in my brain and i was actually getting frustrated and mad that i had abandoned the old blogger address. but all for naught it seems as my legs have touched soil off of blogger domain. it’s a great place to start don’t get me wrong but it was time to have something all my own. i like it, it’s me and at least for the next two years it’s all mine. we’ll see where Roaming Soldier, the Littlest Soldier and i are then and we may have to move to a new domain name altogehter. or it just may get more wordy about eight year old temper tantrums (she’ll be fine i’m sure, i was almost an angel at eight) and wondering why i decided it was a good idea to have twins or triplets. even though i have to say that i have been wanting a little crumb snatcher more over the last few weeks. well behaved babies are traps. not to mention a woman at the office just adopted the sweetest little infant. tiny as she wants to be, head full of hair and sleeps her butt off—in the daytime of course—and she had an office full of women cooing over her in ten minutes. my kind of kid i tell ya. of course i don’t have her in the middle of the night when she’s just getting used her new space and her new parents.

yeah i’m a bit of a tangent i know. it’s because i’m sleep deprived. after fussing at Roaming Soldier about Him getting some sleep, i promptly found myself yawning but unable to get to anything resembling sleep until about six this morning. i got up and showered around seven thirty and went back to bed for an hour. i would have left early, because i was clearly out of it till after lunch, but i was covering the crisis shift for another therapist. so while i was perky-esque by four this afternoon i was dragging for sure. now i’m back in bed and would love to go to sleep but my mother will just wake me up asking about dinner and i’d miss the half naked men on WWE. backing up though. i probably would have been up all night but i forced a kitten into its grave after a prolonged battle. so prolonged that when i finally got moving this afternoon i noticed my thighs were sore as all hell. it just got worse over the course of the day but it was worth it. the thing i’ve noticed though it’s taking longer and longer to kill the kittens. i want Roaming Soldier. the toys are nice enough and eventually get the job done. but what i want is Roaming Soldier. i want Him with me, inside me, tormenting me and doting on me. i want to fall asleep with my bottle in my mouth. i want to be a good little girl. i want to peddle some cookies. i just want Him. that was the point of this rambling opus. i just want to be with Daddy. ahh well, till next time ladies and gents.


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  1. Well… as I wrote often…I have no more interest in touching myself… it seems so ‘plain’, so boring… when I compare with having him filling me…
    I wish you’ll not coming to that… it is a real misery when I have to be on my own for a few days…

  2. no i don’t think i’m coming to that just yet, i just knwo there is something, someone i want more than the things that make me purr when i’m by myself

  3. I thought I was imagining things when it happening to me about two years ago… those kittens were becoming more and more stubborn. I actually thought it was something wrong with me.

    Try changing your style. Softer, harder, lying on your back, front, side – whatever you don’t normally do – it might help….


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