randomness from the subVerse

okay so forgive me. i thought i would keep a tighter reign on the hit counter but somehow or other my 20,000th hit came and left without so much as a glance from me. i’m not sure what it’s at now because i started this post VERY late last night/early this morning whatever and then went to bed. but thanks to all of the guests that have stopped by, repeat and first-timers, to check out the digs. thankfully my trusty bravenet counter hasn’t gone down nearly as much as the others that at this point just help me add space to the side line and aren’t really tracking who’s coming and going. i hope that you enjoy your treks through my demented little mind and my random smut moments. moving on now.

i am super tired. it’s all my fault. i won’t tell you what unholy hour i went to bed at on Sunday which was followed by a slightly less unholy hour last night. i’m not sleeping and i have not the slightest idea why. and i know that i should get some rest primarily because i can get physically sick if i’m sleep deprived and i know that as well. i’ll try to do better i swear. i have one more chapter to rehack and send back to my committee chair. there may be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel after all. ever so tired of looking at my words and repeating myself from chapter to chapter but hey it’s the nature of the beast that will hopefully be tamed soon. moving on yet again.

i had a lovely lunch with a co-worker and her three year old yesterday. kids are funny. they repeat themselves a lot and talk loudly when you least expect it. the lunch was freaking hilarious and halfway through it i had a striking moment of deja vu. having only met my young companion once before and not during lunch it was a bit off putting to recognize the moment. then even more off putting because i couldn’t for the life of me remember what was going to happen next. i didn’t feel like something bad was going to happen it just didn’t necessarily feel like anything good was going to happen either. i just know it was connected to Roaming Soldier some kind of way and now i REALLY want to know but nothing has popped up in my brain whatsoever so i guess i’ll just have to wait.

i think that’s it for now. if something else comes up you know i’ll be back. ohhhhh did anyone actually slap someone on slap a pseudoDom/me day?

see ya

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