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okay so my life is feeling entirely too much like these road signs right now. things aren’t terribly bad but there isn’t a whole lot to be estactic about right now either. i’m horny as a bat out of hell (where did that expression come from by the way? i mean it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. do bats get to leave hell on a regular basis?) but the man of my dreams is an ocean away fighting for something that very few of the American public and virtually none of the world believe can ever really come to pass. flirting has become counterproductive—oh my god this young man hit on me on tuesday and LITERALLY had me about to wet myself, he was just a SMIDGE overweight, had a full set of gold fronts and his entre into my world was based on his belief that i was 1) a student and 2) a member of an organization with only tacit ties to one he was in, even if RS did not exist and i was uber lonely the words HELL NAW kept running through my mind. okay i got totally off tangent. where was i headed? okay yeah flirting isn’t all that much fun currently. i am not feeling terribly challenged by work or life right now and i really just want to come home and curl up and go to sleep most days. i never do but i want to. i was excited about X3 but that has faded a bit more than i would thought. save being hungrier lately nothing really is all that intriguing about my life right now. so i daydream a lot. some of it is just simple stuff–bills paid, mom on the proper sedatives, making dinner for my fictional children. then the other stuff is well sugasm material. so bear with me because my mind has drifted off there again. for those that can’t read those thoughts just stop reading now. i can’t give you a warning because i don’t know what the thoughts are going to manifest into right now.

the first time i told Him about what was going on in my thoughts right around then, He told me to get out of His brain. we’ve been sharing that space ever since. i reach in and pull out a twisted tale that still has some tether to reality. no need in daydreaming about being fucked on antartica when there is virtually no where we could stay and we sure as hell couldn’t do it out in the open. i am a masochist but i don’t dig hypothermia or having my ass cut off because it got too cold getting a good pounding from Roaming Soldier. i am wondering what He’s doing now. okay that’s not true, i know what He’s likely doing right now. what i’m wondering is what He’d like to do to me right now.

would He feel a need to tie me up and trail that nice long kitana He bought a month or so ago? would i shudder when the blade moved along the center of my back? would i be secretly hoping He nicked me by mistake just so i could feel His hand move to that part of my body and receive His attention? or might He give me a great big kiss hello and then give me my bottle? would He let me worship His dick until he released a nice steady stream of nut in my mouth? would He remember to stroke my face and hair and make me have a little orgasm with Him? or would He see me and lose all rational planning at that moment? would He tear off my clothes and lay me on the bed? would He feel compelled to make me know every inch of His body as it responded to mine? would my legs get tangled in with His? would He be able to keep me quiet enough so that everyone within 900 feet didn’t hear me cumming all over His dick? would He tell me i had been a good girl? would He tell me He was going to come home soon? would He fuck me long enough that all i had on my way back to this spot was orgasm aftershocks? umm what would happen do you think?

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  1. I think overall fantasies are important because they give you hope for the future. Never stop dreaming about the things that make you feel alive.

    And my personal bet is that Roaming Soldier will fuck you silly without any sort of planning, teasing or maybe bondage for the first six or seven times when he gets back. I have a feeling the need to be inside and connected to you will outweigh any clever seduction.

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