as you wish

okay i don’t know how many of you read or saw the Princess Bride. it’s a cute movie, i’m sure i mentioned it before. the whole thing is sweet and after the email exchange i had with Roaming Soldier it’s all i can do not to smile like an idiot. for those of you that have never seen Princess Bride let me give you a brief synopsis. wesley is in love with buttercup.

but she only sees him as the farmhand that works diligently on the family farm.

everyday for years he replies to every request she asks with as you wish (so she thinks but he’s really saying i love you) until she finally recognizes she loves him too (and can now magically hear the words he’s always been saying) and he journeys off to make money so he can marry her and they can live happily ever after. he goes off to work for the dred pirate roberts and she gets word that he has been killed.

she is heartbroken and promised to a vain prince who wants her killed so he can start a war.

he solicits the help of idiots that fail miserably. and the dred pirates roberts come back to “save her” and turns out that well surprise surprise it’s wesley back from the dead. he battles the idiots and being killed by humperdink (he was brought back to life by miracle max so no worries). and then after years apart and his death they are finally allowed to express all that pent up emotion with a kiss. and we get to assume they lived happily ever after.

now what does all of this have to do with Roaming Soldier and i. well it’s mainly the graphic below all of this writing but i had to set you up with the full story so that you knew where the strange troll man came from. he is one of the idiots solicited for help. he repeatedly says inconceivable in reaction to wesley’s die hard pursuit of the kidnapped princess in his momentary care. now i’m sure you’re heads are being scratched furiously. what the hell is inconceivable about Roaming Soldier and i? honestly neither one of us was expecting a whole lot when we started chatting. i know on my end i was thinking i might find a new Dom for a while and as he was friends with Night Owl i trusted that he wouldn’t be a total and complete dick. but other than that no major expecations. He definitely had none of me as he has been happily single for the last few years and was intrigued by the idea of having a sub but nothing much beyond that.

fast forward to now and the rush of emotion that comes for both of us and yeah it’s a bit inconceivable that we are so connected that one often speaks into existence what the other was pondering. it makes us both a little shocked but it’s a happy shock. we aren’t in love, rationally we know that takes more time than we have at the moment, but we do love one another. He is what i want and i am trying very hard to be the same for him. so if i’m feeling a little goofy from time to time and just type in as you wish randomly know that i’m giddy because of him and the situation and the promise for the future.

okay enough of this for now,
love ya–red

PS this is the 250th post for the velvet rope

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  1. This word, hate, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I do love that movie. I have it on DVD and VHS.

    Okay, I’m going through a hyper phase now. I’ll go back to my castle.

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