8 Minutes in Heaven

anyone remember that game? you’d climb in the closet, hopefully with someone you liked or least someone that didn’t repulse you, while a room full your peers timed you and cheered you on. stupid game and by the time 8 minutes had passed you were both usually quite bored unless you were in there with someone you were really attracted to and in that case you were in a panic because you wanted to make sure all clothing was in place before someone swung the door open. i know all of you are wondering what in the world this has to do with anything. well let me tell you lol.

i didn’t hear from Roaming Soldier last night, thus no new random smut for you lol, and went to bed a little moody but not terribly upset. i got to the office and no cute i missed you message, okay so i was starting to get a little sad there. then as my day was ending and i was trying to decide to go home or spend more time working on dumb stuff for 30 minutes, i get that weird buzzing noise from yahoo to let me know that i had email. i looked down and saw Roaming Soldier—and his inviting subject line. i read it and felt my eyes get flushed with tears. that would make the second time in a week that he’s left me something that made me go well damn. and the title of this post is directly related to that email. Roaming Soldier gave me eight kisses. eight kisses signifiying any number of things but most of all that he wanted me to be with him. okay duh, not that i haven’t heard that before but for whatever reason this was different. i adore him, i really do, with his sweet, silly, well-spoken, extra special tall and kinky self.

so eight kisses provided me a few moments in heaven. eight kisses reminded me that i am wanted and appreciated. eight kisses made me want to kneel at his feet and wait for those kisses. and for the chance to please him for long, intense, highly charged moments. and to take care of him for the mundane, simple, loving moments that make up the rest of our lives. eight kisses, very simple, very sweet, very important.

eta: it occurred to me after i posted this that the game might have actually been called seven minutes in heaven lol but it wouldn’t have made the post as cute that way lol. for me it was clearly eight minutes at least and i am going to go reread my lovely note with my eight kisses.

6 thoughts on “8 Minutes in Heaven”

  1. Its to early in the morning for me to get teary Red.

    I remember that game..man that was a long time ago.

    Do you think hun…that if RS was there in the same town as you right now, never went away, that you two would be as close as you are right now? Or has the fact that you can only communicate with words, given you the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level? Without sex getting in the way of true communication. Just curious.

  2. hey Deb,

    okay if i got teary someone else has to get teary too lol. and that game was a long time ago lol but it was fun and silly usually.

    i thought about whether or not we’d be as close as we’ve become. taking away the possibility of making things physical for a while definitely has caused us to be more expressive. but i think just because of who he is and how i respond to him that we’d still probably be this close. before all of this forced seperation came about he was planning to visit and i’m sure by now i’d have been off to visit him again. the way things have come about though have probably been for the best. scening and having sex definitely would have put a different slant on things i’m sure. but we can thank heavens for little miracles i guess because i like things as they have progressed to now.

  3. I’m glad things are going well for you, but could there be another reason you’re getting teary? Just asking.

    I envy you those notes/ims.

  4. ummm let’s see, other reasons—pregnancy, hormonal shifts, just plain sappy? the first and third are a no go and the hormonal shift can’t explain the ones the prior to today so i’m gonna go with i just really like the nice tall boy.

  5. Hi Red, I enjoy reading your posts. And do not wish to make anyone teary.*smiles my question if I may- would you consider or are you considering finding another to meet your needs? or the way you and RS are now- is it considered “exclusive” and you find that he supplies all your needs?

    thank you.
    in service,
    slave callie

  6. hi callie,

    i can’t say we’re exclusive because we haven’t established that we are one way or the other. we both see things in the other that match our needs currently. the test of that will be over the next few months. i didn’t really have time to consider others and wasn’t up for a big search. but by protocol i have not officially been claimed so it wouldn’t be too far afield for someone to inquire. i just don’t know how serious the inquiry would be taken at this moment as RS is meeting all of my major wants and desires right now.

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