the rain, writing letters and pms

okay for the last three or four days it’s been storming something awful around here. it’s great for sleeping but it’s bad for my thoughts. by bad i mean that they have run amuck with thoughts of Roaming Soldier and i doing things that would at least make us guilty of public nudity if not public lewdness among an assortment of other things. i am not going to warp any minds today so i won’t delve into that further right now, plus i want to warp his mind a bit so i will probably be putting what is currently on my mind in a letter to him. but no kittens have been sacrificed lately so yeah for the sleep inducing storms.

speaking of writing letters i actually do still enjoy writing and receiving letters. it’s one of the limited activities i still engage in that i actually have to pick up a pen or pencil to engage in. i like dragging out stationery and at least attempting to write a coherent letter. his first was a bit rambling lol and i’m sure the next one will be as well. i’m out of letter writing shape i tell you. i only have one friend that i consistently write letters to and we have been incosistent over the last four months. Roaming Soldier will get me back on that track as he brings out most of my best qualities including spilling random information about my life to someone else in the hopes that it will entertain them. i miss our idle rambling i swear.

ok pms is not fun and i am glad i have drugs. they don’t always work but i am very glad i have them. it’s time for my final before bed dose actually. hopefully this will squash all of my raging hormones otherwise my dreams are going to be x-rated.

see ya

The Liberated Lover
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4 thoughts on “the rain, writing letters and pms”

  1. Now, what can possibly be wrong with x-rated dreams? Especially when you can write them down in a letter and pass them along. See? Then you can get back in letter writing shape and entertain RS.

  2. Pffft – give me x-rated dreams any day! I love waking up one hand playing with a nipple, other playing on the edge of my bikini line… (but that needs a post of it’s own eh?)

    And I’m going to have to agree with the letter writing. I love sitting down and writing long and rambling letters every month or so. Problem is none of my friends like writing. It’s hard enough getting them to write something longer than a text message, let alone a full page written with *oh shock horror* – A PEN! What must I be thinking!

    Ahh… now I’ll be dreaming of writing long letters with a X classification….

    *hold on a minute…. that didn’t make sense*

    Neh. Sweet dreams my darling Red.

  3. There is something so nice about getting real letter.

    I agree x-rated dreams are fine and welcomed.

    I should think about you before drifting off to sleep one night.

  4. there is nothing per se wrong with x rated dreams. it just makes waking up and going to work a little more difficult when your co-star is unavailable. RS will delight in hearing about them later i’m sure. the dream was quite nice by the way lol.

    feel free to think of me Master Enigma but if you start dreaming i want to hear about them.

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