it’s a c-o-n-spiracy

okay so maybe conspiracy is over reaching but when i’m feeling most inclined to blog, blogger is having a tantrum and i can’t get in. that is annoying, sometimes an inconvenience but what can you do as the service is free. i have been actually falling asleep like a grown up and going to work on time and being in general kinda productive. i still need to handle some rewrites on my dissertation but as i left my flash drive at home today that won’t happen while i’m in the office. instead i will blog at random and write a letter to Roaming Soldier. my two morning clients both cancelled and this afternoon i just have walk-in clinic. but i’m not doing two of the hours HOPEFULLY because i have graduate clinicians to train in those time slots. less paperwork makes red very happy. but in general these days there isn’t a whole lot to be unhappy about.

thankfully pms is making its departure from my life and my normal slightly higher than most sex drive will be returning (i do appreciate that). i had to leave work earlier than normal yesterday because it felt like someone was stomping on my belly. i also had to go to the dmv yesterday because i had no earthly idea how long it would take to process my license tags and the out of state bad boys i have (that should have been switched over in ohhh august) expire at the end of this month. so me all crampy and not happy trekked over to the dmv closest to my apartment. nice friendly man, being very talkative until he keys in my address. oh honey you are 4 blocks into the next county so you have to go back to the highway, up another 13 miles and then go to that tax assessor’s office to get your tags. umm having never really lived anywhere that made such a distinction on county lines (i mean it was clear if you were out of the county because you were usually in a different part of town all together), we all know that i was very annoyed but went on up to get it done. while it was relatively crowded things were handled quickly and i walked out with my new tags. not my new driver’s license because they won’t take the secondary id i have lol but that doesn’t expire till my birthday in december so i’m safe. by then the lovely state of my birth should forward me a copy of my birth certificate so i can walk back into any dmv branch and get that replaced. but really why does my birth certificate cost more than my tags did?

thanks to crimson i was able to preview one of the new songs from prince’s upcoming 3121 album. have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE prince? he’s absolutely positively the most amazing musician i’ve ever seen live. he is one of the only people i know that makes me like the live versions of their songs BETTER than the originals. and not to mention he’s a total goofball and doesn’t take himself that seriously. he’s repeatedly opened up his home and studio to fans (like myself lol) to come in and listen to music, take a tour and on rare occasions sit down and talk to him about what made him do xyz or not do xyz. during his one nite alone tour (absolutely amazing and if i ever just have to get married somewhere there’s a theater we saw in kentucky because of him that would be perfect), he let all of us come in for soundchecks and watch them rehearse, some folks got to play his guitar and more than a few of us got to sing onstage with him. not me as i am so beyond lacking musical talent but it was cool to see at the shows i went to. and during that kentucky show as i was listening to soundcheck turn into a theologicial discussion on religion and church and its place in our lives (it was bizarre, you had to be there) the joy of my young life occurred. prince came down the aisle i was sitting on to hand the microphone to someone in front of me and i talking to my girlfriend completely missed that he had sat down for at least 30 seconds. she made the oddest face so i turned and was face to face with my musical idol, we talked for a few minutes and then he was back into the mix having a conversation about alter boys with someone else. for nearly half an hour i had no idea what we talked about but i do know i nearly wet myself because i was sitting close enough to kiss the man. that of course would have gotten me tossed out on my ass and it never even crossed my mind to do so. it was surreal and that show kicked ass and the theater was stunning. but you know what i got asked everytime i recounted that story to someone who KNEW how much i loved prince and how much that random meeting meant to me? what did he smell like??? oh my god ROFLMAO i have to honestly say i have died laughing everytime it was asked. and for those of you that are wondering he just smelled fresh, fresh shower, fresh clothes, no heavy cologne just fresh. all of that is completely off tangent. if you remotely like prince i highly advise picking up musicology and 3121 on March 21st when it is readily available to you. if you are in the fan club order it now and depending on the shipping option you choose it will be in your hands on the 21st as well but you don’t have to worry about living in podunk and the store being out by the time you get off work if you do that too lol. i hated living in podunk for that reason.

like i said somewhere before i started rambling incessantly, things are good and i am happy. i still want to go back to bed but that is just laziness on my part creeping in. i heard from RS last night. very short but made me giggle and blush and do a little happy dance primarily because it was unexpected. it’s nice to know you are on someone’s mind as much as they are on yours. of course i jotted him a quick note back and smothered him with electronic kisses lol. i really cannot wait until he’s done with this and we can just lounge around and discuss how best to get one out of a cookie peddler outfit.

okay that’s enough for now, hopefully i won’t be back to continue spouting on and on tonight but if so i know i’ll be entertaining at least lol.

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