And i loved deeper and i spoke sweeter

I went sky divin’,
I went rocky mountain climbin’,
I went 2.7 seconds on a bull name Fumanchu.
And I loved deeper,
And I spoke sweeter,
And I gave forgiveness I’ve been denying,
And he said someday I hope you get the chance,
To live like you were dyin’.

okay i hardly ever struggle for titles for the posts but tonight i did. the lyrics above are from tim mcgraw’s live like you were dying. i like his voice but in general haven’t felt a need to purchase one of his cds. this song makes me go back and forth on that but really i just enjoy it when it comes on. i feel like i’m floating and have been feeling that way for a few days. i am a happy sub. it doesn’t take a whole lot to make me happy but i have felt an overabundance of reasons to be smiling. my mother is leaving in about six days and won’t be back for weeks after that. i was able to speak to Roaming Soldier and another Dom that both had me blushing for basically just being myself. a woman likes to be appreciated and a Dom-less sub likes it more than i could properly express. i got feedback on my dissertation, started making some lovely money at blogshares, got my order from the Sub Shop (look for link on the left—my brain almost typed length, wonder where my mind drifted off to lol) and just had lovely daydream about being taken and claimed and used and left quivering. it led to the destruction of numerous kittens and i do apologize lol.

the snippets of conversation i’ve had with RS since saturday have kept the floating feeling going. his time there is getting closer to being over. my day of cooking will be including more people and food lol. my night with him will likely be very long but it will help us decide if we will move forward on the D/s path. i’ve mentioned i’ve felt off-kilter without it and i think he would happily invite the right submissive into his life but being realistic we may not be fully compatible in that sense. it would suck though as he keeps me smiling and as i’ve mentioned before floating/flying. our conversations have been getting more intense about what we are individually hoping for. i’m sure as daylight becomes more present then we’ll get more explicit–or at least he will–about what he hopes for from me if i am asked to consider him as my Dom. if nothing else he’s a wonderful person to joke around with but i have to confess i’d really just like to be climbing him right about now. for one hour or so D/s be damned and then we can explore the nooks and crannies of one another before he takes what i happily wish to give him and enjoy being shoved back into the mental space i’m in now. and as i am wrapping this up and getting adle brained in the happy floaty area, i suddenly remember have a dozen songs that mention flying explicitly. oh well perhaps for another night.

love ya

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  1. Mmmm… Keep that floating/flying feeling going as long as you can, darling *S*… I know the situation of being a Dom-less sub too, and sometimes that floaty feeling comes too seldom. Right now I am lucky because I had some wonderful scenes over the weekend that I am still floating high from, but a Dom friend gave me exactly that advice “Don’t fight the drift — cherish it” (Not that you are fighting it…. ti just seemed appropriate šŸ™‚ )

    Love your blog btw šŸ™‚

  2. thanks hope, the floating is nice, it got me through a long afternoon with my mommy lol and i’m still smiling. i spent most of the time reading a book of poetry RS recommended and trying to fight the impulse to climb in the car and hurt a kitty lol. thanks for stopping by and come back whenever you can.

  3. man, i love that song. its right up there in my country top 10 with Amazed, Mr. Mom, and The Grundy County Auction.

    that floaty/flying feeling feels fantastic(say that 10 times fast) doesn’t it? i do hope, however, that you’re compatibility works out. as much as he’s had you smiling, i’d hate to have to beat him down for not being the right one. gotta protect my sis, ya know

  4. yes i LOVE the song, it’s great, i especially like the part right at the end. but umm before you start boxing the man, remember he’s 6’8 and is being retrained on hand to hand combat and with live ammo.

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