a long hot soak and burning candles

okay so it’s been twenty-four hours since they left. we were very inebriated last night. things weren’t nearly as funny in reality as they were last night i’m sure and somehow or other we made it till 3/4AM before we both crashed for the night. i didn’t dream about us curled up and yes i was cranky when i woke up (that was partly because my mother pissed me off last night though) until i thought about him and i waking up and giggling as we waited for his daughter to come barreling around the corner to watch cartoons with us. a nice happy thought interrupted only by the fact that he’s on an army base and i live with a little old lady lol.

a few hours after i woke up i my computer made a little flashy noise. those of you that use yahoo instant messenger know the sound, it notifies you that you have new mail. i looked down to see if i was going to check the message or let it wait and ahh i have to say i got a little warm and fuzzy when i noticed that the mail was from him. he made it safely, he and his friend were still together, they had gotten the mandatory haircuts, been through a few drills and when he was done he sat down and shot a message to me and to his daughter. i read and replied to him quickly even though i knew he was going to bed right after he sent me the note as they had a brief moment to get some rest. i have read it again since then and have smiled at his sense of humor and the honesty that just seems to emanate from him. yeah i’m smiling as i type this now and will be later tonight when i read the note before i fall asleep.

tonight though the dream will most likely be completely different if it comes at all. i have mentioned in here before that our bdsm talk wasn’t that detailed for most of our conversations. we discussed what we were looking for in a future submissive/Dom and various interests we had but he did hit some highlights that will definitely tinge the rest of this post. be warned of that if you decide to keep reading. and for all of the sugasm guests thanks for coming by and for those of you that liked what you read so much that you added me to your blogrolls. i think i caught all of you and linked to you as well.

my head sunk back into must be sated space very quickly. i think it’s my normal response pattern to stress and disappointment. i want to be fucked into a stupor, woken up and fucked again. no making love, nothing nice and gentle. just overwhelm me, toss me around, fuck me hard and repeatedly and then make me pass out. so now add to that natural reactionary mood and this person who will at least for the next few weeks be incredibly deprived of all that nice stimulus and my brain has sunk even deeper into its repertoire of nasty lol. i’ve been thinking of taking a long hot bubble bath. both of us in an oversized tub enjoying a steamy quiet moment alone. we flip places in the tub as the mood strikes and one of us just has to be rubbing the other one intently. there are soft kisses on necks and hands and backs and chests and wherever exploring mouths can reach. our lips never too far away from one another but still trying to have something resembling a conversation before we fall asleep in the soothing water. my head is resting against his chest and arm before he kisses me again quickly and asks if i’m ready. i reply simply, “yes sir” and we leave the water.

no toweling off, just falling into fresh sheets and allowing him to grab and mold and claim what i have been waiting to give him. the toys are resting on the nightstand and i sigh as he picks up the first and tells me to roll over on my tummy. whipping and flogging and that paddling and that evil luscious crop are used interchangeably. water is removed from me as my body creates a warmth in reaction to that painful pleasure. i know i won’t be able to sit up at work in a few days without grimacing but i have conveniently misplaced the safeword into the deep recesses of my brain. the toys are placed back in their original positions. i am placed back on my back that has been stinging from the attention he so thankfully gave me. he ties my hands together above my head to the bed frame. he really just had to say don’t move honey and i wouldn’t have but he knows i love the ropes. my legs are spread and one is secured to the footboard before he moves all those nice scented burning candles next to the toys. one after the other warm liquid wax is poured from a few feet above me until my chest, tummy, naughty bits and the tops of my thighs are covered in a nice coating of wax.

he pulls it off slowly to give him access to the pieces of me he needs. the lower half of me is uncovered without pause and he is quickly inside of me, filling me entirely. my body arches up and my free leg snakes around him. he strikes me sharply because i forgot to ask permission but he doesn’t remove the leg. he twists my nipples free of the wax and i moan intensely in response. he kisses me and bites my lips. i inhale quickly because i know my nipples are next on the bite hit parade. my brain is floating on the most wonderful high and i feel his arm under my back bringing my chest higher to him and shoving my sopping wet pussy further down on his dick. i feel like i’m being devoured and i’m relishing in it. my hands ache from the tension and my mouth is desperate to be kissed but it’s panting instead. his free hand snatches my head back and his mouth fixes to my neck. i am soaking the sheets and i can’t even begin to know when the tides will crest nor do i really care. he never breaks his stroke as he pulls himself up and reaches under the pillow we had been careful not to disturb. those damn nipple clamps emerge and are fixed before i can even begin to object. my mind goes searching for the safeword but not finding it, i allow myself to enjoy the pain and let tears trail down my face. the thrusting becomes more intense, my silent moans are given a throaty voice and quickly turn to grunts. my mind goes black and all i know is my body is one long stretch of pleasure. his lips are on mine and he gets the release he had been delaying. he removes the clamps and kisses my chest softly. he asks if i’m happy and i can only nod yes. he cleans off my tummy and breasts. he frees my leg and arms and pulls me close to him as we return to our giggly conversation and i doze off safe and warm in his arms.

gotta stockpile some candles and start rebuilding my tolerance to clamps lol. okay enough of this for the moment. i’ll just work myself into a tizzy.


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  1. don’t cry yet, this is just running through my head as something nice to do when he’s free to be unleashed upon me, if and when something similar happens i’ll just post the message over with a big smile

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