100 things about me

  1. i am a daddy’s little girl
  2. i give great massages
  3. i wanted to live with my father when my parents got divorced
  4. i am a tomboy
  5. i am not built like a tomboy though
  6. i actually like having breasts
  7. the “girls” make me happy
  8. i have four tattoos
  9. none of them can be seen if i am fully clothed
  10. i have nice full lips
  11. i used to be ashamed of them
  12. kids can be mean
  13. thankfully so can i
  14. i used to run track
  15. i ran the 100, 200, 400 and threw the shot put
  16. i quit running track and focused on volleyball
  17. we were affectionally called the jockettes
  18. we had fun
  19. then we all quit
  20. i met my first really long-term boyfriend then
  21. he could be deemed my first dom
  22. i was 15 years old
  23. we dated for four years
  24. he was a HORRIBLE dom
  25. he screwed me up for a while
  26. i didn’t date seriously again for three years
  27. i did have LOTS of interesting sex
  28. and i met this one man that knows tongue tricks i still periodically miss
  29. i doubt i’ll ever get married
  30. but i’m a hopeless romantic
  31. i doubt i’ll ever kids
  32. but they make me smile like nothing else
  33. i hate reality shows but i will watch the endings
  34. i have a tv on pretty consistently
  35. i only really watch three types of shows though
  36. all the law and order shows
  37. sidenote i miss jerry orbach he was like my dad (baby’s dad in dirty dancing, lenny briscoe on law and order)
  38. cartoons of almost any sort, can’t get into anime to save my life
  39. and crime dramas/exposes/cold case kind of shows with city confidential on A&E being my favorite
  40. i have a sick sense of humor
  41. i’m very sarcastic
  42. i have no tact button
  43. if i do it hardly ever works
  44. the south park movie cracks me up
  45. i love prince
  46. i mean really love prince
  47. i’ve seen him in concert about 15 times
  48. he is the absolute best live
  49. he’s also very funny
  50. i met him in kentucky (YEAH BOY)
  51. i love music
  52. it makes things make so much more sense sometimes
  53. music is one of the best gifts someone could give me
  54. i love my family
  55. they do drive me nuts though
  56. i still have most of my childhood toys
  57. i still sleep with teddy bears
  58. i love them and they make me sleep better
  59. i dream a lot
  60. they are always in color
  61. i have been in love about 10 times
  62. only two of those times really register as something unique
  63. one was that man with tongue tricks lol
  64. the other is Emperor
  65. He probably won’t believe me
  66. it’s okay because it won’t change the facts
  67. those two times felt different because the people involved took to me to a place that i had not quite visited with the others
  68. it’s hard to describe but it feels/felt right at the time
  69. i don’t have a side of the bed
  70. i love pedicures
  71. i am 9 days away from my 30th birthday
  72. i have big plans and i am looking forward to it mightily
  73. i have four really good friends and i am glad they are in my life
  74. i am a BDSM newbie lol, this blog is only missing about two months of my journey
  75. newbie in the sense that i am aware of who and what i am finally
  76. i have published poetry and erotic fiction in various anthologies
  77. i love to write
  78. i am a big horndog
  79. i am perpetually horny
  80. i read blogs all day (when i am not doing my actual job lol) and they don’t help
  81. i am not sure Emperor knows what to do with that lol
  82. i am starting to work out again next week
  83. this will be the last birthday i am wearing these damn clothes
  84. i will be supa dupa fly on the next birthday
  85. my hair is growing out well
  86. we achieved ponytail last week lol
  87. i have just started framing all the art i bought over the last few years
  88. i need to start hanging it now
  89. i also need to find an entertainment center for my tv and stereo
  90. i bought myself play dough and crayons and coloring books
  91. sometime soon i will crack those puppies open and enjoy them
  92. i am afraid of something but i can’t label it
  93. i miss my father
  94. he was the greatest
  95. i hate that my future family won’t get to know him
  96. i love my job
  97. i love my life
  98. i love to sleep
  99. i love that i am in this place at this time
  100. i love that i made it to 100

3 thoughts on “100 things about me”

  1. Red,
    Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed the peek into who you are. We watch the same shows and have the same feeling about anime. I love cartoons. Law and Order and true crime stuff, too.

    Now you have me thinking of the smell of Play-doh and a new box of crayons. I’ll have to indulge my inner child pretty soon.


  2. Go Red! congrats on doing the 100!
    lol… gotta agree about the crayons & playdoh. i still have both.
    the playdoh is at work. its my stress-relief! trust me – it works.

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