yeah for flex time

well sort of. i was trying to leave EXACTLY at three when my flex time officially starts. my clients didn’t want that to happen so they talked me well into the three o’clock hour. so then i rush out and run into one of the girls in the other office that i like. i talked to her for about twenty minutes and then i’m ready to go. well i talk to my mother again who i should just rename stress but i digress. she finally got the phone and got it activated but seemed unable to port her number so i got to do that and THEN got to spend thirty minutes on the phone with tmobile getting her switched over to a family plan with me which in a sense is a bit much as she really only talks to me most days BUT she does like talking to my grandmother and we should NEVER exceed our minutes again. yeah that ate up all the time that i would have come in and curled up and taken a nap. but tomorrow she should be yet another tmobile customer and i will have ONE less worry in the immediate future.

the thing of important to note for today is i am calm. calm in a way that i haven’t been in a while. i do wish, as i said before, that i could be there to take care of Emperor as He gets better but i haven’t been this peaceful about Him and us in a while. it may not last more than a few days or weeks but i am quite glad that i know and have been taken under the wing of Emperor. i have been under ex-watch apparently as several of my ex’s have resurfaced the last few days. while i still have a friendly fondness for them, well some of them, teh rampant flirtation and overt sexual innuendo that was often present in my dialogue with them has evaporated. while i KNOW one would turn me inside out if i let him, i don’t want him. i want to act out the dreams i’ve been having about Emperor. some totally x-rated, some doting, all ending up with me and Him incredibly happy. hmm when i am dreaming about Him i am happier lol i just thought about that. i’ll have to keep working on that.

off tangent but still funny. i got an email about making my own personalized m&m’s. i picked out colors and typed in my phrases and got a nasty message from the automated service that they would not print any questionable phrases on the candy roflmao. what’s so objectionable about “Master spanks” and “pet thanks” i wonder lol. the only thing that worked for me that i liked was “Master rules” and “pet obeys” but as i don’t dig m&m’s that much i have to see if He wants some of them otherwise i’ll drop the idea. i don’t need four bags of m&m’s lol. at least four bags without nuts, mmmmmmmmmhhhmmmmm nuts . okay let me go.

see ya

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  1. lol interesting is a good word for it, i think after i can shake off the stress (i mean mom) that thoughts of Him make me happy and calm, hey if anyone wants red and white m&m’s let me know–we’ll split the costs ROFLMAO.

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