i’m not having a crisis but…..

i am definitely having a moment. i won’t get into it all right now because i really don’t want to upset all the positive energy that has been flowing through the sub universe right now. i think this all mostly related to me doing a periodic reevaluation of my life and what i want and what i don’t. i should have done this during my down time and i did in a different way but this is mostly related to Emperor and our lives and the prospect for our future. i am probably overthinking and devaluing what it is i do for Him but as He is in His current state those random moments of reinforcement that so drive my overachieving self are lacking right now. that is exacerbated by the distance and makes me feel even of less use to Him than i was already feeling. i need to speak with Him first and once i’ve at least done the spilling of my guts that i need to do i can come back and share what is necessary with everyone else. i’m not terribly upset, actually i can’t say i’m upset at all, i am just out of sorts and i hate that feeling. i may come back and elongate this post or more than likely i’ll just make a new one.

thanks for your patience,

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2 thoughts on “i’m not having a crisis but…..”

  1. Heh, positive shmositive, we all have moments. I’ve been having one myself, all bloody day *laugh* Know there’s folks out here in virtual land that are thinking of you and sending you *hugs*

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