waiting for daddy

ok so Emperor hates it when i call Him that but really that’s what i’m doing when i’m waiting for Him. we haven’t really talked since i bought my ticket to go visit. His sleep cycle seems more off than normal which was hard for me since i’m on call this week so i have to keep semi-regular hours. but again, for some reason, i’m calm. i haven’t freaked out, i haven’t started pouting and i am happy to report i haven’t started crying. i miss Him but i’m not aching like someone just cut off a limb. i miss my Emperor but i haven’t forced His attention back on me and i haven’t been bugging the hell out of sidra about it which i’m sure she is grateful about. i’m not sure what the cause is per se. i may be more assured of my submission now or in my belief that He cares about me. i may be just excited that He wants me near Him and i’ll be with Him soon. i may just be horny as a bat out of hell so there is no room for anger and distrust but whatever it is i am enjoying the feeling. Emperor will be with me soon enough and the waiting will be over for a while longer.

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  1. Those time of waiting are very exciting…;-) I know for myself that when He had to travel more, I was so stressed out for His returns… Cleaning like crazy, trying to look at my best… and I had butterflies in my belly…;-)
    Nice moments!!

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