tangents and assorted ramblings

okay so i really should be waiting to write this as in 10 minutes my clients should start coming in my office in rapid succession but i figured what the hey i might as well start it now and finish it either when i finish my Dillard’s run or during lunch which would be before Dillards (DOH). okay first thing on the tangent list—spammers there is no need for you to sign my blog i’m JUST going to delete you. i have no problem trolling the comments constantly so bear that in mind. if they ever figure out a way to permanently block you i’m gonna be all over it so just go away.

tangent two: while i understand their purpose in life–to attempt to gain info to pass it on to others–i am beginning to DETEST reporters. they are slimy and don’t seem to respect anyone’s privacy. my campus is grieving right now and instead of doing dignified reports they are altering volume so people sound on the verge of tears constantly or they are positioning themselves in order to get pictures of people in the depths of their pain. i’d put you on a too small island with the spammers if i could–JUST GO AWAY.

rambling one: life is good except for the work i’m consumed in now. it’s hard to help them when there is nothing i can really say to make this experience better for them. i can give feedback, hold a hand, show up when i’m supposed to but that’s about it. i’ve been really enjoying my sleep each night. it gives me a few hours to explore the recesses of my mind without have to be vigilant to the intense pain this community is under. my mother is finally happy. my brother and sister in law are good (as is their doggie Baxter). the cohort members i’m still friendly with have checked in and they are all good as well. my friends are good and most of the time my Emperor is good too. He has his moments where He’s not and i’m working to keep those few and far between but when i think about Him at this moment i can only smile which brings me to rambling number 2.

rambling two: somewhere trapped in my brain it seemed like a good idea to ask Emperor if He’d read my blog. i was definitely nervous. i don’t want Him upset by anything He reads here but then again this could be a perfect venue for Him to learn about me while i continue to strive to serve Him. that’s what is going on right now well i think so. i sent Him the link to Velvet Rope very late last night or early this morning however you look at it. He was reading it before He retired for the night and i’m sure at some point in the future will finish reading so He can be entirely caught up on what His pet has been doing and thinking. since i managed to get all of this out in 13 minutes i’ll be back during lunch to continue rambling 2 under a new heading.

have a good morning
red velvet

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