exploration of the Dominant/submissive relationship

i’m going to start with the quote from an article i’m reading now….

Being Taken Care of
“I always found the d/s articles to be the most exciting. I found the men – their strength and command – highly erotic. I thought that being that “taken care of” must have been the most wonderful thing in the world. The doms I talk to are forever asking me about this, I always tell them it’s not the ritual (though I like the ritual) or the punishment that I’m looking for, it’s the freedom to not have to be in control, to not have responsibility. I guess that’s because, in most of my social circles, I’m the person who’s expected to have all the answers.”
A woman wants a man to be strong and to protect and watch over her. She wants to be able to relax in the safety of his arms and the world that he creates for her. If you can do that for a woman, you will see something inside her blossom and grow, and you will marvel at the treasure you have discovered that was always inside her but which she never felt safe to reveal, so afraid was she that it would not be appreciated for the incredible gift which it is.

Emperor knew the bolded about me almost immediately. as a result it made some conversations much easier but stymied me in some areas. my excitement may overwhelm Him from time to time. He’s been here and done this before and i am like a kid with a shiny new toy. all i want to do is play with it and figure out how it works. i may be expecting too much from Him to answer every little question or address every mini discovery i make. it’s obvious by what He says to me that He cares. i think i’m rushing to Him because i want to take care of Him. plus lets face it, i find Him to be perfectly adorable and would love nothing more than to bound and gagged near Him while we watch tv before bed or something lol. i’m going to stop here now. i want to finish reading this article before i leave to go back to my office.

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