return of the list

well i figured i should dust this off and revisit it now. the last time i put it up was mid august and we’re almost in october now. there will be some modifications i’m sure.

  • i would like someone who is open and willing to train me to their SPECIFIC needs: eliminates confusion for me and makes me happy to please them (ADDENDUM–i’ve come to realize my happiness to serve is always present, i do believe that my need for training has intensified though and i don’t think that will fade soon)
  • i would like someone who is quite aware of my newness but still ready to make me the best sub i can be (ADDENDUM–inconsistency makes me uneasy, i don’t like it)
  • i would like someone that sees the longterm potential in this lifestyle and wants to engage in it
  • i would like someone who despite my newness has such a sadistic streak that being aware of my limits only excites in Him a need to shove me beyond them moaning and screaming (hasn’t really changed i just LIKE that statement lol)
  • i would like to spend days or weeks or forever being spanked, choked, tied up and humbled by my Master
  • i would like to be in constant service to my Master
  • i would eventually like to be the alpha/collared sub in my Master’s domain: i’m always willing to share as long as i’m remotely secure in my position in His life (ADDENDUM–my preference is to be the only one but Master’s wants are paramount so whatever He desires is what is most important as long as i can handle them)

now wasn’t that basic and simple? here’s what for the moment i know i don’t want.

  • someone that is just toying around in the lifestyle
  • someone who will not consistently discipline me
  • someone who will not appreciate the gift of submission
  • someone not confident in their leadership
  • someone who is not interested in a longterm arrangement (longterm of course being negotiable)
  • someone who does not share with me what i can do in order to better serve Him (addendum)

3 thoughts on “return of the list”

  1. I’m actually going trough all yo don’t want.. inconsistancy… no discipline, my submission isn’t appreciated not even wanted… and itis os, but so hard… I am in a long term relationship… and all that was alive and going not so bad a year or so ago… sice we moved back in Montreal… it is not going at all… I feel so disturbed… and have any idea what to do… I talked and still talk… I am heared… but nothing change…;-(

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