ok i am not a morning person

and today is reinforcing that ever so much. i have a two alarm system in my house. i wake up and potty with the first one and lay back down. then i usually get up and moving before the second one goes off. well today not so much. i woke up rolled over hit the second alarm and went back to sleep. i stayed that way until the second alarm went off and i was pissed because in my dream it was saturday all damn ready. oh well it will be soon enough. i’m also cramping (yeah i know you didn’t need to know that) and achy and i really just wanna go get in bed. which i can do again in seven hours or so YEAH. if my late appointments cancel i think i’m going home early. i wanna clean off my bed and straighten up my bedroom so that when i get back in there all by myself i can move all over and be just as cranky and cry as much as i need to.

enough about my crappy morning mentality and on to why i really blog: Emperor. being a good kitty is hard. yesterday i didn’t really hear from Him at all. and i wasn’t in desperate need of Him or anything but doesn’t mean i don’t want to hear from Him. i’m still working on not chasing my tail or His without getting frustrated but like i said it’s hard. especially on days like today when i know i’ll most likely be in the house for the rest of the weekend in pain and missing Him more because i don’t want to do anything besides drug myself up with some vicodin (good lawd cramps are evil). but a good kitty is what i agreed to be and that’s what i will be. not to my own detriment of course but until a time arises that He no longer wants velvet as a pet. i hope that’s not anytime soon though because He does make me really happy. and as i told sidra last night it’s been so long since someone made me really happy i think i’m trying to do too much. so again back to good kitty mode. and Emperor if You’re reading this, my oral fixation is acting up again.


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