2 by 2 they boarded the ark

not sure what’s wrong with me lately, i post something trivial then come back and tell you what’s really going on. i need to get back to work on my dissertation but really i’m not so behind i won’t make it. but here’s the thing i’m so stupidly happy right now. i think i said 2 things that made Emperor really happy last night. so not sure why but He was definitely happy and as a result so am i of course. i am doing okay on day 2 of being a good kitty. no major withdrawal but that may be because when i let Him come to me He gives me the attention i want anyway and most often in a way that makes it more enjoyable for me. of course i want to know everything about Him but i’m not sprinting anymore. i really wanna know what the E. stands for beyond Emperor. i can think of a billion things but that would be silly. i’m happy with things right now. i have to run to the grocery store tonight after work but i will be eternally happy to do that and go home. i took something down for dinner. i think i’m gonna bake some chicken breasts or sautee the breasts and have a light fajita dinner. i need some lettuce though so i need to add that to the shopping list.

i so wonder what my life would be like had i never flirted with Emperor. would He have ever picked up on “that girl might like it if I tied her to the ceiling and toyed with her for hours” vibe i started giving off? and i’ve been contacted by someone who read one of my freakier stories and is giving off the same vibe lol. she’s young though so she may not be ready for Emperor but i’ll of course i’ ll keep my eye on that. oh well i’m about to take a catnap and get ready for my 2 oclock client.

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