ok so i got issues

my mother has been stressing me out MIGHTILY for the last few weeks and i cannot stand being stressed out when it’s not my issue. i feel bad she’s not able to do what she wants and she feels all out of sorts but truthfully we’ve been babying her and it’s not helpful. she doesn’t want to do what she needs to do in order to get better and more often than not our conversation deterioate into how much i don’t understand her and how i should just be more caring and let her come stay with me now. okay i have no MAJOR issue with her moving in, i really just wanted two or three months in my place alone. so i could finish unpacking, learn the city, get settled in my job BEFORE she got here and did nothing. however, she won’t let me have that obviously so probably before the first of october my mother will be moving in and effectively starting my body on its downward spiral toward insanity because i’m gonna go crazy if she’s there all the time.

the ONLY bright spot in any of this has been Emperor. yeah i know, make me vomit, she’s getting all sappy. but i mean this in all sincerity He’s been a protective dear to me everytime i’ve reached out to Him in a panic or sweat or just pissy mood. He makes me smile and peaceful and i’m not sure what i did exactly that made Him take an interest in me but i’m glad He has. now if i can just work out that whole space time continuum thing we can see each other whenever we like as opposed to when we can get it scheduled.

other than that i want a nice silver collar, one that really looks like it could be a necklace because i want to wear it all the time. if you see one let me know please.

see ya

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