sweet dreams are not these

I had one the craziest dreams of my life today.  I took a nap after breakfast because my ass has forgotten how to sleep like a normal person.  I was watching television and they were interviewing a couple about their process to finding a third partner they mutually found attractive.  It seemed unusual for American television which is when I realized I was not in the country.  Not sure where I was.  They didn’t seem to be speaking English but I understood what they were saying which really only leaves me a few places (I know some basic French, Dutch and a smattering of German).  Regardless, I’m tuned in and intrigued.  I think this next bit was because of some Fetlife activity I had before bed last night about engaging in watersports with the right person.  So they were telling the interviewer that in general they wanted someone that did ABC and XYZ but it would really help if she enjoyed a good piss gastrique.  I got the wide eyed look and so did the interviewer who asked for clarification.  The couple explained that they enjoyed it when the male partner coated the female partner in his urine but also were looking at ways to ingest it outside of the times where they were playing.  They had experimented with using a bit in a gastrique for their salads and both I and the interviewer went okay then.  Suddenly it cuts to them testing out a candidate on screen with kink activities and other sexual escapades.  When they all came to a natural stopping point post orgasm, the interviewer asked what else they would like to share.  They talked about being adventurous in life and loving to travel and just engage with as many taboo activities as they could save scat because no one wants to clean that up.  Everyone giggles and then all of a sudden the camera cuts to a VERY well hung man is what my brain says initially.  Except not a man which becomes clearer when the interviewer licks her lips and then starts deep throating the dick in front of her while laying on her back.  I mean she’s going for it and living her best life.  As the camera pulls back, she’s been throating a horse.  That’s when I woke up.  Apparently, that was a bridge too far for my horny and confused brain.  Cause I’m not gonna lie.  The free floating dick looked kinda yummy until all the pieces slid together.

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