Weekly Post #19

Prompt for today: Competence and self-confidence eliminates the need for jealousy.  I don’t know about this one.  Jealousy for me at least stems more from lack of validation or inconsistency than it does any kind of lack of self-confidence or competence.  That could be because I’m a Black woman and I have to have both of those in ample supply to even step foot in the spaces that I come to inhabit.  Even when I feel completely over my head, I’m usually very good at whatever I do or learn enough to delegate to those I know can assist me. 

Prompt for tomorrow: Kindness and a generous heart help us recharge humanity.  I believe this could be true depending on who we are being kind and generous to.  The right person amplifies that energy and continues to spread it.  For others, it’s an energy suck and may just be a waste.

Prompt for Tuesday: Toys don’t make BDSM, being kinky is not the same as being part of the community.  Meh on this.  I am kinky without a community because of where I live and the spaces I inhabit.  Toys and a well stocked proverbial red room do not make you kinky.  Committing to the identity and relationship pattern for me is what makes you kinky.  I’m jealous of my friends, or acquaintances maybe, and exes who get to indulge in community in ways that I do not. That used to make me sad.  Now I’m just resigned to the fact that is my experience and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Prompt for Wednesday: Really long about slave’s always needing to learn and study themselves and partners.  And I am not a slave.  I can have slave like tendencies within the right dynamic but ultimately I’m a submissive girl with a masochistic streak a mile wide.

Prompt for Thursday: All my soul follows you, love circles you and live in being yours.  I’ve felt like this once or twice and it was blissful until it wasn’t.  Listen to Stupendo Fino A Qui to get a better idea.

Prompt for Friday: All painful pleasures turn into pleasing pain.  Yep they do and I kind of miss it a lot.

Prompt for Saturday: As soon as you trust yourself you know how to live.  I’m working on that more now.  Of trusting myself to make good decisions and overcome old fears.

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