Weekly Posts #13

Prompt for today: When do you feel most at peace with your submission?  When I’m in bed next to my person and we are falling asleep snuggled up together.

Prompt for tomorrow: Describe a time you were proud of yourself?  Graduating from school, buying my second home, being approached to do the work I keep doing.

Prompt for Tuesday: When you’re in a bad mood, what can you do to turn your day around?  Good food or good music will do the trick every time.  Prior to COVID a good workout would as well.

Prompt for Wednesday: What makes you happy about the place you live?  I have pretty good vanilla friends and a job I love.

Prompt for Thursday: Complete this thought “The best thing about being a submissive is knowing who I am and how I relate to others.”

Prompt for Friday: Describe an event that changed you for the better. Honestly, the death of my father.  It gave me patience and some insight into loss that I don’t think I would have had otherwise.  It gutted me to be clear.  And the anniversary of his passing can still throw me for a loop.  But if someone makes me feel as safe and happy as my dad did they don’t have to question my devotion to them.  It will be unending.  Well at least until things end and a little bit of time after that.  Then like all things it has to end.

Prompt for Saturday: Do you have a favorite quote that relates to your submission? Not a one.  I find that a lot of quotes on submission are written from a vantage point that I don’t share so they don’t resonate with me.  

So I have not being using my Kindle app to get to the prompts for months now.  It’s annoying to keep making the light stay on and what not.  I have been reading directly from the Amazon site and it reminds me each time I go in that I bought the book on October 18th.  I wrote my first response to a prompt that day and wrote every day for months until three ish months ago when I switched over to the weekly posts.  Well mostly daily, some days life would happen and I’d have to double or triple up to stay on track.  By my math that means we have 80 more prompts to explore, 11 ish weeks of posts remain.  I say 11ish because there will either be a weekly post with more than 7 prompts to wrap them up or a short 12th week to finish it out.  I don’t know yet.  I only know that it will be middle of October.  As of now, I still don’t know that I got what I wanted from this exercise but it has helped me process some things so I guess there’s that.  Now I’m gonna turn in because I’m having a flare with my autoimmune stuff and it’s painful.

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