Weekly Post #11

Prompt for today: Do you or are you the type of person who enjoys being micromanaged?  Why or why not? Legit hate it and hate doing it to other people.  It implies a lack of trust to me and I find it passive aggressive.  There’s checking in for progress and then there’s being an ogre.

Prompt for tomorrow: Make a gratitude list, each day this week add a new one to the list.  I am grateful I try to take better care of myself, that we sold the house so there are only one set of bills and that I am getting a tiny bit of money back to help pay off these taxes.  I am grateful that I acknowledged that several things were no longer serving me so I’m taking a step back and that I am giving myself and those I have to interact with more grace.  Since this was supposed to be written on Monday, I may wait until Tuesday for updates but who knows.

Prompt for Tuesday: How does love impact your submission to another? I cannot serve someone that I do not love on some level.  It may not be a great passionate love story but I have to care about them in order to be my best self.  For those I do love intensely, my submission is bordering on absolute and I am willing to explore aspects of kink that are not typical for me.

Prompt for Wednesday: Do you consider yourself a patient person? Yes and no.  In some situations my patience is legendary because there’s no reason for me to push an agenda.  Things will work out as they should.  In other cases nope not at all.  I’m not terribly patient with my mother because we do not operate in the same manner.  I overheard her earlier flat out making up a conversation we allegedly had in which I was not supportive of something she was doing.  I legit would have encouraged her to do the thing she was doing so that was annoying.  However, instead of forcing the issue, I finished what I was doing and went back to my private space.

Prompt for Thursday: What activity that you engage in involves all your, mind, body and soul?  Cooking probably.  I need to pay attention to the recipes and then tinker with the flavoring.  The timing of random dishes so that the need to be served at the same time.  Coordinating servings and trying to accommodate my mother’s overeating if she enjoys it.  Thinking about what might be offered up next.

Prompt for Friday: List what I love about myself.  I love my ability to keep moving forward, my ability to love hard but not easily, that I try to take care of those around me especially those that are important to me, that I try to make things better when I can, my random Jeopardy brain, that I keep trying to do better even when I fail, that life is still a magical journey even when it is frustrating and lonely, and in general I love my weirdness.

Prompt for Saturday: How do you reflect your gender identity in your service?  I’m not sure that I think about it.  I’m a cishet Black woman who typically enjoys being a woman.  I’m not overly girly but will be overtly feminine if it is desired.

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