Weekly Posts Part 7

Prompt for today: shortened How has spiritually impacted your submission?  I don’t know that is has.  I am a more spiritual than religious person by nature mostly because I think organized religion now feels kind of like a racket.  My Dominant partners have either been religious or bordering on atheism.  I almost converted for RS even though he knew I would likely never practice Catholicism but I wouldn’t get in the way of his faith.  GN was religious as well but not as intensely devoted to his faith.  I appreciated their view point and what it meant for them but I couldn’t relate.  The Dutchman was firmly in his atheism and Mr. Wolf just didn’t seem to be invested in religion nor did Emperor outside of religious play which hey clearly is coming from somewhere.  If I was invested in the religion I was raised in it tells me to be submissive to my husband who is submissive to God but leads us.  Problem is the religious men I’ve met outside of D/s are not ones I’d follow around the corner let alone into submission.

Prompt for tomorrow: shortened How does where you live effect your submission?  In my case, it is hard to be out about my submission or find new partners easily.  I don’t think I could wear a collar even discretely around here without anyone asking about it and I couldn’t dress in the ways that DM (tired of typing Dutchman) would have wanted without it drawing attention back at work.  I don’t have submissive friends here and I don’t socialize with anyone.  It kind of sucks.  It would be easier in a larger city that wasn’t as conservative. 

Prompt for Tuesday: How do you feel about pride?  Can a submissive have pride in their service?  Of course, you should have pride in everything you do well.

Prompt for Wednesday: shortened What would your biography say?  She was short loud and talked a lot.  She cared about people and things and wanted to make the world better for everyone.  She liked to read, cook, travel, eat and music.  She loved her family, things that hurt her physically, sex and Prince.  Wherever she is now, she’s thrilled if her dad and Prince are somewhere nearby.

Prompt for Thursday: How do you maintain your focus?  Do you have a specific mindset you strive for every day?  Can’t say that I do.  I focus on the tasks that need to get done on a given day but that doesn’t mean I’ve focused really.  And I have no mindset other than don’t go crazy and hurt people.  That’s mostly stress induced though.

Prompt for Friday: shortened What is your inner monologue like?  Honestly, unless I’m working on something or missing people my brain is usually pretty quiet.  I have music in my head a lot but not my own voice.  When it is there, it’s not really positive or negative but anxious and trying to sort through things.

Prompt for Saturday: Do you find honesty hard if you know it will cause someone pain? Is it easier to be honest with yourself or someone else?  I try to soften thing that will hurt people but lack of honesty can just create headaches later.  I’m more honest with myself but I don’t enjoy lying so I try to be direct when I can.

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