this one doesn’t apply either

prompt for today: what has changed in your dynamic this past year? is it a positive or negative change? how has it affected your serve (service maybe)? well pandemic happened to all of us but i’m single so nope nothing has changed in my dynamic over this last year.  i’m on better terms with one ex, another passed away, and still a third reminded me that i didn’t matter to him in the same way he mattered to me.  i’d say i’m tilting negative but really it’s a status quo thing.  it has not impacted my service because i’m not in a position to serve anyone.  i’m hungry.  let me find something to eat and i’ll be back.  okay back until i go make dinner. honestly, i’m trying to get over and through—permanently–my ex Dom so i can find the right person to partner with in the future.  it’s hard to ponder as i don’t seem to know where i might meet that person even if i wanted to do so.  maybe i’ll just be a gray haired lady with a cat and a dog in the future that travels randomly and comes back and tells my pets all about it later.

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