next few days

prompt for today: shortened–Do you have any specialized skills related to service/BDSM? not a one unless you count things my body can do to someone else’s body that makes them very happy.

prompt for tomorrow: shortened–Do you have any rituals in BDSM? nope not a one, i may have enjoyed this but nothing to speak of.

prompt for Friday: shortened–What is a recent addition to your training? not a bit because i’m not in training right now.

prompt for Saturday: shortened–Write a letter to your body.  girl you tired and you need to rest.  you also need to keep on your diet, get back to working out and resting for real.  you can’t do everything and you don’t need to try.

I am going to be tied up until Sunday really and thus I am not going to pretend like I’m going to attend to these, especially not in light of what they were asking.  I may add some random things as they are relevant but fuck me trying to do all of the things right now.  Have a good few days.

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