who found out glass dildos rock today?

Yeah that’s right, I did.  I may get back to it later but prompt up first.

Prompt for today: Reflect on a time you chose to submit when it was difficult. The only thing that really comes to mind is when GN made me stop driving because it was causing me more stress.  He was right but I didn’t enjoy it and as soon as I was feeling better I took the wheel again.  I don’t enjoy letting control slip away in the vanilla world so depending on him to handle things was yucky but I needed it. 

I woke up this morning semi dripping.  Instead of just getting in the shower and hoping it was all good, I grabbed the package of sex toys that have been waiting to be used and grabbed the larger glass dildo.  The fact that there was literally no give in it meant I was impaled quickly, grabbed my magic wand to buzz me on over the edge and came good and hard before my morning shower.  Couldn’t tell you what I was dreaming about now but I needed that orgasm clearly.  Unrelated–say a prayer or send out good energy to GN.  He’s not doing well right now and as much as I don’t want to lose anyone else, his kids are still super young and need him.

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