Interesting question

Prompt for today: If you invented a device that could fix one problem you are facing right now, would you use it?  What problem would you like to solve?  So I was tossing around options in my head just now and honestly I’d like a machine that lets me produce the income I need to address all of the busy work I don’t have enough energy to do solo.  Pay someone to pack up the house under my direction and relocate it.  Pay someone to fix the unresolved things in the new house under my direction quickly.  Pay someone to put another five feet onto the back of the house so the kitchen, dining room and living room was bigger.  Pay someone to drive me around when I’m exhausted and entertain mom when I’m exhausted.  Pay off all the major bills (for me and my family) so that everything going forward was just cost of living stuff.  Pay someone so I never had another IBS flare or worried about having another IBS flare.  There are lots of problems to solve but it would need to be a device that doesn’t harm anyone else–like it can’t loot old people or the government.  And it can’t bankrupt me in old age.  Or do some irrevocable damage to my family.  Clearly I watch a lot of science fiction movies.  

We did another round of clean up at the house and we’re nearing the please buy this damn thing phase.  I came home and did a lot of stress cooking/baking.  I made gingerbread muffins and then homemade pizzas for dinner.  Mom dug her cauliflower crust so brownie points for me.  If neither of us are exhausted tomorrow we’ll go back and spend another few hours working our way through what’s left and head back home to rest. 

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