I’m struggling with these prompts

I am super tired but that’s not why I’m struggling right now.  This is a question that no matter how fluid I consider the term service hasn’t really come to my mind or been an issue.  If everything I’ve ever done at the request of my Dominant partner was deemed as a service, the hardest request of me was related to the urine experiments requested by the Dutchman.  Once we broke that barrier though everything else was like nothing.  Other requests I couldn’t do because I just couldn’t.  Different dynamics, the energy didn’t feel cohesive enough to form that kind of connection with that person.  With other folks there was never a struggle ever because of either how it was requested or because I knew they’d never ask anything of me that they didn’t think I could easily do.  I’m not a service submissive though.  I never have been.  It’s not what has been asked of me and it’s not what I have aspired to be.  Maybe I should.  Maybe that will make me more desirable to someone somewhere but my natural inclination is more emotional/psychological submission during which my goal is to physically submit and relinquish control as much as humanly possible. 

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