It’s just effing Wednesday

OMG y’all, I was driving home a minute ago and he said happy humpday on the radio I was MAD.  Not just tired and frustrating but MAD.  It is just fucking Wednesday.  How dare we have two more days to work this week.  Fuck fuck fuck.  I’m so tired.  We’re all tired.  My coworkers are looking like why the hell are we in the office?  We don’t want to be in the office.  We don’t necessarily want to be at home.  Really I’d rather be sipping cocktails on vacation right now but I’m at work on a webinar because that’s where I am.  FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Prompt for the day: How do you greet your Dominant upon their arrival?  These are interesting questions.  I never had a formal greeting upon arrival.  When I lived with GN, I came home after him so it was a hey, kiss and what do we need to do.  Mr. Wolf and I would just connect with a hug.  Maybe there was more of a command when I saw the Dutchman but it’s because that’s what he requested.  I was light on protocols clearly.  I’m not adverse to that kind of behavior it just hasn’t happened yet.

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