No humps on hump day

Prompt for today: Name three people you admire.  Do they know you admire them?  How did they change your life?  This is a weird question because I admire people yes but the ones that changed my life are mostly deceased.  I admire my father and mother (for entirely different reasons and I want get into it all right here) because they both encouraged me to pursue my dreams and be confident in who I was no matter what else anyone thought about me.  Haven’t always been able to accomplish that but when I could it was because they believed I could.  Dad is gone now.  I admire/d Prince because he was just a stellar human being and even when he seemed weird the truth was we were just not caught up to him yet.  I am sure I wrote a sappy fan letter at one point that I hope someone shared with him.  And I admire my mentor from school.  She’s amazing and has helped me back up my belief in myself with knowledge and experiences.  I’m sure she knows.  I’m her biggest fan.

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