I Smell Sex and Candy, Guess Who’s Late Yeah

I do smell candy, cashew toffee to be exact.  I might smell sex if I opt to masturbate before I go to bed.  Not sure on that since I’m already up past bedtime and probably just need to lay down at this point.  It’s been a LONG four days but I loved it and I’m full in a way that going to other conferences and conventions doesn’t get me there.  Looking at the prompts now this won’t take long.

Monday’s prompt: Do you go to public/open play parties or dungeons? What sort of experience is it for you?  Umm not really.  I don’t do public scenes for reasons I’ve detailed before but being Black, female, living in a conservative area with a conservative job it’s legit not worth the risk.  I’ve gone to private events in the past but nothing recently which is a frequent point of discussion with a submissive friend about how we could change that experience for both of us but as of yet we got jack shit.  I can’t even pretend to imagine what that experience would be like either because it’s a level of privilege I don’t have even the slightest bit of access to.

Today/Tuesday’s prompt: What are you reading or studying right now that could improve your level of submission or service? Nothing really.  I’m learning new languages but that’s mostly for me.  I can’t say that I’m studying cooking really but I like to learn new recipes.  Right now I’m just trying not to curse at people a lot.  That’s it.  

But how about Iman Shumpert winning dancing with the stars and Jojo Siwa coming in second?  I was just happy the dancing barbie came in last place.  After that all was well with me and either Jojo or Iman would have been fine.  I’m glad it was him though cause yeah I am.

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