Got my booster shot, cussed no one out, that’s it

I’m not sure what I thought I’d do today in the means of being productive but I didn’t get there.  Several purchases are on hold mostly because the person that birthed me has taken tap dancing on my last good nerve to new levels.  I still need to go eat fucking around with her.  One thing is on hold until I know I can used stashed money for it.  And if not then it will have to wait a few more months/weeks or what have you because I just don’t feel like making big purchases with my real money until I’m settled again.  Ahh well, here’s the prompt for today: Name one fictional character who would be a good role model for an aspiring submissive and explain why?

I literally don’t have a clue about how to answer this.  It really depends on what kind of submissive you are trying to be.  Want to be in a toxic dysfunctional dynamic that keeps you in a frenzy when they aren’t doing questionable things that may kill you?  Then Harley Quinn is your girl and please avoid me because the damage that will ensue is not cute.  Want to look sheepish but drive your partner insane trying to claim you?  Try Maggie Gyllnehal’s character in The Secretary.  Want to kick ass and take names on your own time but ultimately find a man strong enough to tame you?  Selina Kyle/Catwoman traipsing after Batman may work.  I really think it would have worked better in the movie had they not tried to create a redemption arc with Michelle and Michael.  It’s trash with Anne and Christian for entirely different reasons.  That movie was just garbage.  Want to do those things but be undermined and overlooked because of your skin tone?  Katherine Johnson technically isn’t fictional but her movie representation isn’t completely factual.  She found her boo, or Taraji P. Hensen did after they ignored her until they needed her.  You want to live the 50 Shades movement but without the stalker billionaire?  Try Beauty in the Anne Rice novels. Heck I’d venture you could play that dynamic out with Buffy and Angel but not Buffy and Spike.  As she said in a late series episode she was still cookie dough but the men that baked her were undead and had time to wait.  With the exception of Beauty and Katherine though most of these don’t have happy endings and the ways in which women found their power in their relationships was painful and potentially exhausting.  I think fictional people get the benefit of not having to second guess themselves and still find a happy ending.  The rest of us though yeah not the case.  I think if you want to be an aspiring submissive we should spend more time with actual people, learning their actual successes and failures and finding a way forward all the same.

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