when you miss the thing you didn’t really want

it’s a new year and i am surely not going to pretend to be a new me.  i’m the old me.  tired, too busy, and needing to slow down all the time.  i have a bit over the holidays.  i’ve cooked a lot, baked a lot, experimented with things, cleaned up, threw things away and in general indulged in any food that i wanted to have.  i did some binge watching induced by the annual Twilight Zone marathon and tonight i’ve been listening to music and having a small drink.  i did some random snooping on fetlife to see how Mr. Wolf was doing.  He seems to be doing well.  His girls are happy and He appears to have a solid thing happening now.  for a minute i legit felt a pang of what i can only call jealously and then i remembered something.  what i want isn’t want He wanted.  not really.  there were lots of areas of overlap but there were serious points of difference.  and i’ll admit there’s some places where i don’t think we’d ever really come to a full understanding so legit i can’t begrudge Him a happy time with whomever He chooses.  timing was not ideal but when is it ever a good time to release someone.  it was the final nail in the imploding coffin and i still had another few months of crap to deal with it before everything was settled.  i started looking for a new job in the middle of that too.  the only thing i didn’t do was something dramatic with my hair cause i wasn’t a year into the locs yet so that could have gone badly.  i’m in a better place now so i can say i didn’t have as strong as a reaction as i might have six months ago.  life has settled so i can be more pragmatic about things.  so yeah had a moment. figured i should work through it and now i’m going back to the last few hours of the Twilight Zone binge fest and then get up and go shopping for new pots and pans and maybe dishes.

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