Blocking Boomerangs

It’s the first week of August and that would normally mean I’m in a random city to attend a work conference but that got moved back to next week.  This week I’m going another annual work thing that has not felt as good as it normally does but as it comes to an end tomorrow something struck my mind.  I have been doing this event at least as long as I have known Mr. Wolf and the Dutchman.  I know this because I usually end up talking to one of them while I’m doing something during the week cause I’m tired of people.  This year not so much and not because they aren’t great human beings still but I’ve been ridiculously tired.  I don’t talk to either one of them as much as I probably could but it’s been a YEAR man so I’ve appreciated that Mr. Wolf checks up on me but is letting me do life and respected the fact that the Dutchman is decidedly Dutch and handles life differently than I do.

Honestly I’m really happy right now.  I’m taking care of things that need to be done around my house and trying something new with my hair that I hope to enjoy.  And most of all I’m just smiling at one of my exes who seems to think I’m an on demand sex robot.  Like we don’t talk for months on end and then I get a random request for something or other.  It gives me a good story to tell but yeah not really trying to revisit old dick.  I’m not actively looking for new dick though either.  I go through spells where sex just isn’t all that important to me and I’m in one of them.  Work is kicking my ass and that is usually a good sign that I won’t be horny or receptive to other folks being horny. 

I completely lost track of my point which means it is bed time.  Bye y’all.

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