Just a flash

You know I’ve been busy but I’ve had about fifty million things I could tell you that I haven’t thus far.  No big reason for it but because sometimes when I’m not feeling fully engaged with D/s or being sexual I have no connection to this spot.  I have been thinking about a post for the last few weeks because my brain keeps having flashes of being pushed up against a wall or folded up in half on my bed and I’m being fucked hard.  My mind is blank and happy.  I make no attempts to touch the person having sex with me, call their name or do more than just enjoy the moment.  Having said that it’s clearly not anyone I know.  Just a flash of a moment.  I don’t even get close to having an orgasm and I’ve made no moves to force an orgasm after the flash ends.  I’m not sure I’m even horny during the flash but it’s pleasant and then it’s over. 

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