Pour Out a Little Licka for Naked Sunday

My quiet existence as a sorta single gal will end this weekend when the creature that birthed me, that causes me undue stress and has somewhat single handedly created a situation in which I will always be single returns from visiting my brother and nieces.  Granted I know she has to come back because I am her primary caretaker.  If she stayed with my brother he’d end up getting divorced because she and my sister in law are both just a bit on the fucking crazy side.  But that also means for the vast majority of the year (even when she’s gone if I’m being honest) I get to deal with the the wonderful crazy shit that is my mother.  Like requesting a quote for an addition onto the house, a fence for our giant yard and a garage that connects to both of them and expecting it to be around 25 thousand tops.  Cause that would happen right?  Only in crazy lady land.  I was trying to help her disturbed and CHEAP behind out with the Christmas ticket and she acts as though I just asked her to sacrifice one of the grandchildren.  She wants to see them and not see my sibling and his wife and somehow include a trip five hours a way to spend a day or two with one of her siblings and make it home from some undetermined point.

That would have been enough adventure for today but another incident popped up between friends and somehow I’m still involved even though I’m no where around and should have had no bearing on a damn thing that occurred with them but hey I’m super influential right lol.  I shared my thoughts with both of them at the same time which we have rarely done at least on a honest basis as of late and hope they figure out that situation sooner as opposed to later.  It reminded me of things that I don’t find super enjoyable about the lifestyle when the relationships aren’t one on one or because of the volatility of them what happens when an old partner is confronted with a new relationship.  That may be why I’ve always tried to fly under the radar or maybe not but shit poly tinged things are fucking complicated and I’m not sure I like them.  It also made me a little annoyed on two levels.  These things keep happening cause they get to go to events together.  They live in proximity to ones that can be primarily the brown kids and not a bunch of other folks so yeah kinda hateful on that fact.  The other thing that annoyed me is this felt all like a HS following out.  Tired of that too.

I updated my Fetlife support to Lifetime primarily because over the course a few years you’d pay that out with six month billing.  Plus I keep coming back even if I get frustrated sometimes.  I got a lot of grading done and a plan for classes tomorrow.  I need to get another project checked off and then I’ll be heading to a work conference at the end of the week as my last bit of freedom before the mummy returns.  I seriously don’t want to cook tonight either but I need to prepare breakfast for the rest of the week and ordering a pizza is a pain since I can only get the diet crust when I buy a large one.  Plus I’m trying to stick to the meal plan as much as possible as I try to hit the gym more regularly.  Okay I’m done bitching mostly.  I will miss being super naked for 24 hours solid.  All good things must come to an end though right.

Oh and the birthday function I am thinking about scrapping.  I may do like a friend and just put 40 things on my list to do the year that I am 40.  The level of depravity I want requires some specific players and well I don’t have a teleporter so it won’t happen anyway.  Have a good Sunday all.

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