I think I love Nick Jonas

Ok not LITERALLY Nick Jonas but whomever is inspiring/helping him write some of his new stuff totally has a hotline into my brain.  I will crank up Jealous in the car as long as it not the remix.  I like when men get jealous over the girl with the big brain and used to be bigger boobs lol who is a big old flirt.  But when I heard Chains I nearly had to pull over and let my fingers go exploring.

The song starts playing and I swear my brain must quiet enough that it taps into that good girl core.  Tap tap tap and I feel fingers crawling up my spine.  They snake up until my eyes close and little puffs of smoke caress my cerebellum and I hear a smirk impressed that it can do in 15 seconds what I can’t do on my own.  By the time the chorus starts my body is swaying and shivering as I imagine a long heavy silver chain against my naked back that I keep fastening around my throat when it feels like I might be set free.  I don’t have to see whose holding them just need to feel that imaginary tug and hear that last refrain and I’m a happy happy girl–trying to break the chains but the chains only break me.

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