Welcome to the Writing Page

So I decided to go ahead and have all the smut put on one page.  If I can figure out how to pin this one I will but for now just a bit of information.

I’ve been writing off and on since I was in middle schools.  My emotions tend to drive what I’m writing so I can’t always write when I want to.  In my impression I write better when I’m angry or horny.  When I’m sad, the stuff is dark and depressing and gut wrenching for the folks that I let read it.  I don’t share that often as I am one of those folks that only let those closest to me in on that kind of stuff.  But for example there’s a scene in one story when a wife confronts a mistress–and the mistress who already distressed about the situation just capitulates and goes home alone to cry.

Erotica evolved actually due to one of PP about 20 years ago.  It started out as poetry then morphed into short stories. You’ll get more smut soon.  I have both Dutch and PP firing up my brain with naughty thoughts.  They won’t be full fledged stories like the Alphabet Game series which has officially been pulled in advance of it getting properly edited and all that jazz.  But they will be smutty snippets inspired by folk that don’t have to work hard to make me want to molest them.  If you have any ideas let me know and I’ll see if I can incorporate them or not.  Ok enough of that for now.  I need to pretend to get some sleep.  I have a long day tomorrow. 

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