So girly bits and getting older

This will be one of those totally random but all centered around my girly bits in mostly a non sexual way.  As I have noted in my blog before, I am in my late 30s.  Because of that I really wasn’t desperate to have babies because I would be close to 60 before the first one left my house and that just didn’t sound appealing on top of the senior citizen child I am having to raise as well.  I had been on the Depoprovera shot for years–not to prevent pregnancy though, well not mostly, but because I could have some simply hellaciously painful cycles.  Once I got to the point where it was heavy duty narcotic or Depo we opted for the shot, we being my former gyno and I.  I didn’t notice after not getting my reup shot last fall that I hadn’t had a cycle for a while and the first few I had were tear inducing.  As this year has progressed though they have gotten shorter and lighter and MUCH less painful.  All of which is great for me except they were also happening more often.  As were what I was seeing as some ridiculously easy to trigger yeast infections.  When I finally had a moment of free time I used it to do some checking on my symptoms to see what was up and if I needed to frantically find a new gyno here.  I saw one but she was horrid and creepy so she has to be replaced.  Finding good doctors is just another in the long line of down sides to moving.  Anyhoo, turns out I probably only had one valid yeast infection brought on by some yucktastic antibiotics.  The rest of the itchy moments combined with my shorter, lighter, quicker periods are all tied to perimenopause.  It’s the stage you hit before full blown menopause apparently and can last a number of years if it wants.  Based on how my body is acting I don’t think it will do that.  My mother hit menopause around this age and most of my aunts did as well (if they didn’t have hysterectomies which triggered it earlier).  Surprisingly, I am not feeling the boo hoo I can’t have babies anymore thing because really until it’s over there are those lovely change of life babies that can surprise you.  However, when this process is said and done I might get a tiny bit slutty IF I know my partner and I are both healthy.  I mean really feeling a rush of nut flood inside of me is such a nice mind fuck.  He just stuck another little claim on me in a very primal way.  Yeah looking forward to that.

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