And in subbie girl news….

Life has been interesting around these parts lately.  I am thoroughly enjoying my submission again.  For those of you that have been around for a while you know that hasn’t always been the case around here.  I get defeated when it feels like things aren’t quite sinking up the way I want them.  And let’s face I am still sleeping alone but I’m not sleeping horny very much as of late.  So much stimulation that if I wasn’t wired the way I was it would be total overkill.  Instead I’m a little hypervigilant about opportunities to make myself cum.  In my office, while driving, at the gym–admittedly I haven’t been there much, at home in bed, surfing the internet wherever.  You may wonder what my orgasms have to do with my submission and let me just say that the ability to make me cum hard is a skill set any future Dom must possess.  If I can get myself off more often and with more intensity than you can then we got a tiny issue.  Plus my orgasms are largely mental.  Owning me usually requires dancing around in my brain with some authority and ease. Pushing me as far as you can in a way that makes us both ridiculously happy.  When I go in it’s all in and you can control nearly everything about my world.  Ok that’s not really true.  There’s still some stuff that I have to handle independent of Dom not because I don’t want Him to take care of it but because there is no way for him to do those things.  I enjoy relinquishing as much control as I can though and I’m looking forward to the day that I can introduce you to a new cast mate (see the list up on one of the bars lol) who is making me cum and sink into that happy place that subs find when they are safe and at peace.

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