Totally Naked Sunday

So this is a rare indulgence for me since I am usually the full-time caretaker of my mother.  She is off visiting my brother so I get to spend the weekend doing whatever I want–well actually another two and a half weeks of doing whatever I want.  I have been cleaning and cooking and hitting the gym but today is just naked time.  The only thing I’m wearing at the moment is a scarf around my very wet hair.  The rest of me is mostly as God made me save a few tattoos and a sticky wet spot that I’m keeping safe from the bed with a towel.  Since it’s TNS I normally shoot a masturbation video or six.  I shot two this morning after I shaved my lady bits.  I haven’t shaved in a while so it’s always a little weird the first few minutes when I’m bare.  After that it feels extra naughty every time my hand has to be in the area.  Just wiped up after the potty and making contact with my pussy made me smile and cum a little bit.  And not to be left out of the ample fun, my clit has been ridiculously engorged today.  If my boobs were still 25 year old perky I’d try to find a place I could be naked more often but they are not and they are also MUCH bigger now so that would probably hurt if I needed to run for anything.

As I usually do, I was talking to diva and shooting the breeze.  She helped me come to a realization of sorts.  I used to be what could only be described as a mostly discrete slut bunny in college.  I had just come out of a four year relationship.  The male to female ratio was dramatically not in my favor.  And let’s just say my penchant for picking the wrong man to want more from had never been more refined.  As a result, I opted to date like a man or better yet not date and fuck my way to bliss.  And if I do say so myself I was good at it.  It probably set the foundation for the part of my submission that desires to be used.  Regardless there was never a lack of available no strings dick.  Some of it better than others and who periodically interrupted other plans cause I’m not passing up good dick lol.  The problem, if you could say there was one, is that I was basically insatiable.  Good sex made me want more sex.  The better it got the more and longer I wanted.  I’m pretty sure there were quite a few days you could have described me as cum drunk and I loved it.  If I could have shot up orgasms I would have been strung out and happy as fuck.  However, my life now is a bit different.

I try to contain that wanton slut to a single person or to my stories.  I will admit to being a tiny bit afraid of what would happen if she was given free reign again.  Mind you I have different responsibilities and limitations that I did not have in undergrad and right now no one is dicking me down so the chances of mainlining orgasms is not an issue.  But it’s why I don’t pursue some people beyond casual flirting.  Something about them triggers the slut’s attention and desires and really I don’t want to be addicted to any man ever again.  That shit drives me nuts.  I hate not being able to scratch an itch the minute I need it or at least within 24 hours.  Yeah I know that is probably short sighted on my part but the slut clouds my decision making.  I miss her though and all those grand adventures and copious amounts of orgasms we shared, we created and the fluid we lost and found in others.

Anyhoo we had a different conversation too.  Could you be a full time side line/part time lover?  While there are some definite perks, my pussy is greedy and not sure she could handle not being able to slide down on the dick of her choosing without wondering if he enjoyed the way another woman did it better.  It would of course create a challenge that force me to fuck him into a stupor but that’s so much extra work lol.  And others would say if he’s sliding into you then he must not enjoy her as much as you anyway.  Could be right but you can’t be logical with a pussy.  They just want you to give and give and when you have given all you have they suck a little more out of you, hee hee.  Right now I may be able to rationalize with her as we are just enjoying electronic devices.  But the minute there is demanding flesh filling her up and making her beg I’m not sure what will come of me.  Oh and don’t worry about that right now, I still have no offers on the table to be anything other than a muse.  Oh and a supplier of orgasm videos.

Update: I finished all my chores and made dinner for tonight and the next few nights really.  Some mini pizzas for lunch along with some salads for whenever, grilled steaks and the chicken is marinating to be cooked later this week.  If I lived alone life would be amazing it appears.  Unencumbered orgasms, naked just cause, and food to my palette not modified and rushed.  Hope you had a good Sunday.

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