Writing and Insomnia

I should totally be asleep right now but a nap when I wasn’t feeling good earlier has kept me up longer than I have planned on being.  I think I mentioned I had been writing again and trying to get work published once more.  In the last month I have written now four new stories and managed to tie an old cast (The Merry Widow) into a new environment–have to wait to see if it gets picked up.  So far the mix has worked out to one new bondage themed story, two with bondage elements, two lesbian love fests and two boy girl stories along with two group sex fests.  I know that sounds like more than four but there was one just bondage boy/girl story.  One lesbian story and another lesbian story with bondage elements and group sex.  And finally there was a fantasy (as in the best of all situation kind of fantasies) boy/girl story that culminates in group sex.  I hope at least one of the four gets picked up ad I’ll figure out how to share the rest if don’t get chosen.  I’d be doing little cartwheels if more than one gets picked up and I may have to catch a plane and fuck and ex into a stupor if all four get picked up.  I wonder who will win that treat lol?

On another note as I’m submitting these short stories and brushing up on editing and all that good stuff I realize that part of my issue with getting published is I haven’t made writing a priority nor have I really tried to develop a writing persona via the net or any other resources I have available to me.  My day job has been my only job and while I need that to be the case to pay bills I always feel stilted with the writing because I never really worked the few connections I did have and now I’m starting all over for the most part.  I’m not sure what to do with the blog now either.  I can turn it into something glossier or I can find someone who can turn it into more of a writing site without totally abandoning the blogging aspect of it.  Eh I guess I’ll figure it out.

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