Random Things You Find Out During Insomnia Fits

So I was going to kill some kittens cause I was bored and there was cable rated porn on the tube.  But then I started watching Ella Enchanted which killed the mood entirely but I love it so it’s okay.  And then I started watching Hysteria and yes I was familiar with the diagnosis being given to women to basically cover any reason we may not be thrilled with life.  I didn’t know one of the treatments at the time was nothing more than doctor assisted orgasm and when their hands started to cramp they may lose patients because you know a girl loves a good orgasm.  In the movie he and a friend stumble upon the electric vibrator because the friend was inventing an electric cleaning device that rotated.  Well turns out the movie wasn’t that far off, treatment wise it wasn’t totally accurate about the development of the vibrator or this particular doctor’s use of it for the purpose of orgasm.  Dr. Mortimer Granville is his name and apparently he was none too pleased about the devices misuse by others but as many self induced orgasms as I have had from the modern derivatives of his lovely device I hope he’s well in heaven.

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