A Night of 1001 Dreams

The nightly remembered dreams are continuing.  Some of them make no sense and are easily forgotten.  Others not as much.  I was feeling kind of bummed on Tuesday night because I hadn’t heard back about a job interview opportunity but then I remembered my dream I had as I was getting ready on Wednesday morning and all that kept running through my brain was “home.”  I want to say people were singing but one of several versions of home were playing in my head.  It started off country turned into something else either way prevailing theme of the dream was I was going home.  I go about my morning and got a call from said job site which is about two hours from my brother and three hours from my other family.  Don’t know what’s going to happen there but it’s another opportunity to get closer to home.  Yesterday I had a bunch of weird disconnected dreams but when I woke up I was sure I saw a tiny angel looking at me like wake up something bad is going to happen.  I’m blind as a bat when I wake up so after I focused my eyes and reached for my glasses I chalked it up to my bad eyesight.  It didn’t stop the worry but after several hours of no bad news I was about to let it go.  Unfortunately, when I got to my second home of the day I found out one of my favorite clients who had been really sick was now dying.  I was glad it was no one in my family BUT she was adorable and funny and spunky for someone battling health issues as long as she had been.  I’m going to miss her.  And I miss hearing from you guys too, no one comments anymore. 

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